Monday, March 26, 2012

You Are Our Dream

Every moment that we get to spend with you, we realize just how lucky we are. Is it ever possible to feel like you love someone too much? Because A baby, we love you to the moon and back - really.
& I can't believe that in a few months time, you're going to be a big brother! You're going to be fantatstic at it. You already care so much for baby (well, only because you still think that baby is a girl ... you've firmly expressed how angry you would be if baby is a boy - ek!) We couldn't have asked for a more loving, curious, kind and gentle-hearted little boy. Stop growing up so fast.

Baby #2, don't get us wrong - we love you beyond words. You have already made us so happy. & like Daddy said when he found out you were on your way ... "we're like a real family now" :)

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