Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book Orders; Version 1

Remember Scholastic Book Orders during elementary school? I loved those! And book fairs? I think I've always been fond of reading. There's nothing like being captivated by the words of a good novel. & let's face it, the book is always better than the movie.

Ryan definitely also has a love affair with books - more so, culinary books and cook books, but books none the less. He uses them for inspiration, for learning and who doesn't love the scrumptious pictures. We introduced Aiden to books very early and you can see the complete awe in his face when you're reading the story to him. The face of, "what's going to happen next!" Ryan and I used to always tease that one of our favourite date night spots is Chapters. Grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and then grabbing whatever books catch our eye and skimming them one by one. We rarely buy the books at the store because they're so much cheaper on their website! & all orders over $25 are eligible for free shipping - win, win! Plus, they arrive to your front door and rather fast! Another win!

Our lastest book steals include:

(from left to right)
The Lover's Dictionary: A Novel by David Levithan
The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson
The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers

Ryan and Aiden are much in love with their picks and I'll be sure to give you some insights on mine once I hammer through it. I read a review that it was the type of book that really just makes you "laugh out loud" - love those kinds of easy reads. Next order, I'll be sure to have Aiden pick out his choice for baby. Kind of like his 1st present as a big brother - I'm sure he'll enjoy that "responsibility" ;)

Happy Reading!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Belly Friendly Fashion

Or maybe I should have titled my post as lack of! My clothes crisis has definitely climaxed. Even with carefully planning (at least thinking about what I could wear the night before), the execution doesn't always work out as planned. Actually, I have been struggling & that's an understatement. I have accumulated a nice chunk of clothing allowance and haven't done much damage at the store because I my new chest doesn't seem to want to cooperative with me and nothing fits properly. I also feel like I have most of the launch in a different colour or in last year's version (I guess that's what happens when you work for the same company for almost 8 years - ek!). I've been able to pick up pieces here and there, but haven't had much luck in the shopping department.

The weather plays a huge part in all of this. Last week, we had temperatures of 23 plus degrees in Toronto (the sweet smell of summer) and today, well the forecast called for snow. I'm yearning for the warmer weather so I can spend my days in maxi dresses - all day, everyday. But for now, I have to get creative with my wardrobe in hopes that something will pay off. Today, I got myself in my leather leggings (didn't think I could!) and a bright royal blue unstructured blazer. Thought it was worth a photo!

Side note: this photo trips me out a little. At first glance, it made me think that I forgot to wear my wedding rings today. But really, the mirror flips the image and my rings are on my hidden hand ... or maybe I'm slightly going crazy (mainly because I need a break from work) or maybe because my preggo brain is getting the best of me. At this point, who knows ...

My ultimate plan is to still stock up on floor length dresses in breathable fabrics. Ninety percent of my wardrobe consists of silk, which I'm completely over right now. I miss cotton, and hoping to find pieces I can work with that I don't have to hand wash (since I'm a little lazier these days) and or dry clean (that's definitely the last thing I want to be doing). 

Crossing my fingers for some success on my next shopping adventure! Or else I will start coming to work and venturing out in public in a brown paper bag ... with maybe some accessories.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lunch is Served!

Buying my lunch almost every day last week, I definitely made a huge effort and a point to ensure that I have a packed lunch every single day this week. And what a success! You just need to put a little more thought and effort into it, but it's more than possible.

Plus, I'm not breaking the bank (spending approx. $10-15 on lunch on the days I have to venture off to the village to find something to eat - esp. because the options are slim to none). The key, my friends - plan ahead. I could get better with this, but things are working out so far!

Lunch today was ... a Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwhich with Avocado - yum!

Shout out to Jill's sandwhich press that she's left at the office, this thing inspires me (except for the fact that I can't devour any deli meat for the next x amount of weeks). Hoping that this trend stays afloat. The hardest question to answer around the office is ... "What's for lunch?"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Notes on the Kitchen Counter

Absolutely coming home to little things like this - warms my heart!
Although, Aiden had some critiques about Ryan's drawing. "Why don't I have a face? Why doesn't baby have a face? How come we don't have any clothes? Can I draw faces on me and baby?" He was real stuck on the no faces ordeal.

Also, notice how Ryan had to draw in my boobs ... interesting.
But at the rate that they're growing, I guess they deserve to be in the drawing ...

Monday, March 26, 2012

You Are Our Dream

Every moment that we get to spend with you, we realize just how lucky we are. Is it ever possible to feel like you love someone too much? Because A baby, we love you to the moon and back - really.
& I can't believe that in a few months time, you're going to be a big brother! You're going to be fantatstic at it. You already care so much for baby (well, only because you still think that baby is a girl ... you've firmly expressed how angry you would be if baby is a boy - ek!) We couldn't have asked for a more loving, curious, kind and gentle-hearted little boy. Stop growing up so fast.

Baby #2, don't get us wrong - we love you beyond words. You have already made us so happy. & like Daddy said when he found out you were on your way ... "we're like a real family now" :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Luxuries of Working from Home

I could probably talk on forever, about the mere pros of working from home. & from time to time, I do take advantage of the fact that I'm able to do so!
Working from home would mean, you would ...
  • Play your part with saving the enviornment and save on gas!
  • Regain time from a lengthly commute
  • Sleep more
  • Cook more (I'd like to imagine)
  • Spend less money on clothes ... or maybe it's spend less time thinking of what to wear!
With all the pros, I still don't think that I could permantly work from home. I would miss the social interaction that a workplace enviroment brings. I would miss having a printer (something that we should definiely invest in at home!). But having the option to stay home is definitely sweet as pie.

Take yesterday as an example. Knowing that my OB appointment would take much longer than anticipated - I made the executive decision to work from home. Aiden and I were both able to sleep in a bit longer, I was able to drop Ryan off at work (versus him walking or getting a ride from one of this coworkers), Aiden was able to stay home with me (& we had a rather splendid lunch together) and I was able to make these ...

Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies

Recipe found and pinned here. Ok. So I over cooked them, but you can't tell from the photo right? Hahaha, my loving son also told me that they taste delish when dipped in milk - and we all know how brutally honest children are!

& I also made a very special delivery yesterday as well ....

Kate (the bride) and I went to Elementary and High School together. Really only kept in touch with short messages via FaceBook over the years. When I noticed that she was getting married via my FaceBook feed, I thought I congratulate her more personally (via notes versus her wall, lol) and after a few mesages, we were discussing the details of the wedding! Fun! I thought to myself, what a perfect segway - and went for it. & the outcome was fab! Extremely happy how happy Kate was with the final product! and extremely flattered with all the comments / likes I received on Instagram and FaceBook. This is truly the start of something lovely.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh Baby! - Nursery Inspiration

Ok. So, I just hit the 25 week mark, which means only 15 more weeks until baby #2 arrives!
(insert panic mode, right about ... now).

I had my second OB appointment this morning. I always wonder what's the point of making an appointment if they don't see you at your scheduled time? Over an hour in the waiting room for a 2 minute checkup. But to hear the words - "everything is perfect", definitely makes it worthwhile. Baby is a great size and baby's heart rate is super normal. Aiden finds so much joy in hearing the waves of sound.

With A, since we were still living with my parents - I didn't get to bask in the luxuries of prepping a nursery. I'm definitely excited for this, this time around. Luckily, I have found a slight addiction to Pinterest, so I've been able to get loads of inspiration for the space. This is what the space looks like, right now ...

Because we decided to keep the sex of our baby a surprise, yet again - we have to choose colours that aren't so gender specific. Here's the colour palette that I would like to work with:

Definitely loving grey and yellow as a colour combo. I will add touches of teal in some details, but who knows - if baby turns out to be a girl, I may have to add some pink tones in there!

Here are some images of inspiration:
3. source unknown, image found on Pinterest

I've itching to start this project, bit by bit. Step one has to be a haul out of the current things living in the space. This my friends, is where my husband plays a part!

The ABCs of Me

Hello! Saw this post idea off another blogger. I'm always for blog idea prompts. So here we go!

Age: 26. Oldest of four. Can't even believe that I turn 27 this year, yikes!
Bedsize: King baby.
Chores that you hate: Taking the compost and the garbage out ...
Dogs: I'm definitely not really an animal person.
Essential start to your day: Pre-pregnancy days, it was always a coffee. Now breakfast is essential.
Favorite color: I always just have an "at the moment" fav colour - right now it's teal. well, and grey.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: Short, but taller than Mom.
Instruments you play: I don't think I've ever played an instrument ... how sad!
Job title: Godess to my hubs, and mama to the sweetest boy. But my job title that pays the bills - Human Resources Coordinator, Canada East
Kids: A (our crazy almost 4 year old) and baby #2 in the belly.
Live: Find what you love & do it, for the rest of your life.
Mother’s Name: Blesilda, Bessie for short.
Nicknames: CHING. Artes. CdL.
Overnight hospital stays: Only for labour and delivery, hoping there's no other time.
Pet peeves: A sink full of dishes. People who don't say "thank you" when you hold the door for them. Bad drivers.
Quote from a movie or tv show: “You're the one I want next to me, when all my dreams come true”
Right or Lefty: Right is right.
Siblings: We're all approx. 5 years apart - Wayne, William & Chelsea.
Time you wake up: earlier than I would like - 6:45am.
Underwear: Like do I wear any? Yes, everyday.
Vegetable you hate: Cooked carrots.
What makes you run late: Clothes crisis. I have a closet full of clothes, but never have anything to wear.
X-Rays You’ve Had: Do dental x-rays count?
Yummy food you make: Tamarind-based filipino like stew? ... Sinigang. Let's face it, cooking is def one of the things that Ryan trumps me in.
Zoo Animal: Did I mention that I wasn't really an animal person?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

If I could, I would ride my bike until the stars came out

& just like that - we got our Aiden back!

The weather has been beyond glorious the past few days. Hoping that soon, we'll be able to turn the heat off in our home and have the lovely smell of summer breeze through our windows. To much joy, we've been spending as much time as we can outdoors - & A can't get enough of riding his bike. Maybe by the end of this summer he'll able to ride it without his training wheels!
Head outside, and enjoy the sun!

Friday, March 16, 2012

so not himself today

After spending the last two days with Lola Carmen and Lolo Ruben, our active, silly & rambunctious A is feeling under the weather today. The weather however, as of late has been all over the place! 20 degrees in the afternoon, then low of 8 in the evening ... we're not complaining though!
Worked from home today (& Ryan stayed home too!)
Hoping that it's only a "24 hour bug" ... we miss you A!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

our 1st real gig!

Find something you love,
& do it for the rest of your life.

(it's really just that simple)

Twenty-twelve is the year we get serious about our creativity. The year that we finally make movements on the things we say we'll do, but always found an excuse not to. No more excuses. This is what makes me happy - every bit of it. & I've been told, if you find something you simply cannot life with out - then hang onto to that something, with both hands.

We are all one small adjustment away,
from making our lives work for us ...

Think about it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

goodbye paper blinds!

When we first moved into our home, I insisted to Ryan that blinds were a must - no negotiations! However, I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of window coverings (and slowly I started to convince Ryan of this want too). The vinyl "Californina-style" shutters were definitely a pretty penny - but I needed them to be part of our home. Shortly after living with an open window concept, we ventured to our local Home Depot and "invested" in paper blinds. The day we bought these was the day I forgot all about my Californian need. The paper blinds were good to us and they did the job! But ... after almost two years since we moved in & a few months of saving ... we made the real investment.

Don't they look lovely? Ryan was home for the entire installation process, but what a beautiful thing to come home to. Yay! - no more paper blinds!

The excitement privacy still overwhelms me. Definitely happy with the way things turned out.

Now onto to the next project!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

"... a places where children, no matter where they live, can have a childhood free from fear."

Take the time to watch the video - it will move you. I could not even imagine if I lived in a place where I feared our own son being kidnapped in the middle of the night and taken away from his family & completely stripped of his childhood. & the fact that there is a place out there where this is the norm & that nothing has been done to stop it? ... What kind of world are we actually living in?

My hope is that is movement is seen through, to the very end. & that the ending is just as powerful as the beginning. Our ideas matter - we can make the difference. It just takes one to start the movement - the rest will follow. My hope is for those who have put the time, effort and resources to make this an issue for all to be aware / educated on. I believe in the power of voice. I believe that together, we can achieve more. I believe in justice. Let's do our part.

"Where you live, shouldn't determine whether you live ..."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weekend review

Lately, I've been living for my weekends.
The weekend agenda usually consists of: spending max time with A, loads of laundry, cooking breakfast for my boys (since I definitely do not cook on the week days), grocery shopping & well home stuff. & the past weekend was no different. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love Sundays.

It's the only day that we get to spend the entire day together - the three of us.
We enjoyed a rather late lunch on Sunday at Jack's ... check out this lovely candid shot of A.

I still can't believe that he turns 4 this year - FOUR. I don't feel like I'm getting much older, but knowing that I'm a mother of a 4 year old, definitely puts things into perspective. Whomp.

Aiden, you are magical. Surely the smartest 4 year old I know. Right now, you are fond of Power Rangers, super heroes and Buddy (your bear). You're also beyond excited to meet your best friend - our baby & you also wish for our baby to be a girl (said that you would be mad if baby was a boy). You love bacon and pancakes in the morning with sliced apples and strawberries, daddy's homemade tomato sauce with pasta for lunch, cheese & crackers as a snack and tacos (with "taco" bread - tortillas) for dinner. & you never say no to milk. You've started to love the shower, instead of "big baths" and you've learnt to say "grace before meals". You dress yourself with "swag" - and from time to time, we catch you checking yourself out in the mirror. You ask A LOT of questions - because you're curious of the world. You also talk A LOT - on your "phone", our home phone & facetime with Lola & Lolo. You smile is contagious & so is your laugh. You have brought so much joy in our lives.
We can't wait for you to to be a big brother.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

patiently waiting!

We're nearly there! Well (just a little over) halfway. But I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to FLY by. To be honest, it hasn't really hit me that baby #2 is on the way - mainly because my first trimester this time around was ... needless to say, uncomfortable. I was truly just trying to get by, day-by-day. But now that that's all over with - I can enjoy the joys of being pregnant for the second time around. Aiden is in complete awe of the changes. "Ma, soon you'll be so big that you won't be able to fit inside our house!" - God, I hope that never becomes the case, lol.

This - I can't believe, was almost 4 years ago. Where does time go? To think, that when Aiden was born, we weren't even able to send my Mom (who wasn't able to be there for my labour because of a poorly planned business trip) a photo of him because our phones (Palm Treo) did not have text messaging photo capacity? But this time, if I wanted to - not only could I send a photo like the one above to my entire address book, but I could also tweet my entire labour for all my followers to "experience" or frequently update my status on facebook via my iPhone. I could also take a quick video of the first few moments and post it on vimeo - or right onto my blog or tumblr - or ... well, you get the point.

I can't wait to relive all the firsts. Especially being in our own home & with A along for the ride. In 17 weeks, we'll be a family of four.

the reason

Ok. I'm back - promise.
Every time I make my come back, I tend to reflect back on what made me start blogging / documenting in the 1st place. (& really why it's been so difficult for me to be consistent)
In my early years, let's be honest - it was to vent. I felt comfort knowing that there was someone else, anyone else - out there who was feeling the exact same thing that I was. That I wasn't alone.
As this phase in my life faded - I started documenting ... life. The significant moments that have truly made an impact on what make me - me.
& I guess this is really where I'm still at ...
But my significant moments are getting bigger, more meaningful.
If I could remember each moment, the way I felt each time these meaningful moments crossed my life - I would leave this world satisfied. So here I am, telling my favourite story - the one that belongs to us.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

so long sweet tumblr ...

I am a blog host hopper.
(I know)

But I will be reviving this blog.
You wait and see.