Saturday, November 29, 2008

my little A & his 1st runny nose

I've been slacking, I know.

Things around here have been busy.

I've finally finished a 16-page plus paper on productivity reccomendations. (Secretly, I love to edit papers, hehehe).

Aiden has his 1st cold. It came about around Tuesday and the poor little guy is still learning to breathe through his mouth. His nose keeps running into his mouth, but he doesn't seem to mind. He's only starting to learn the concept of mama & daddy wiping his nose with kleenex, he doesn't fuss so much anymore :) I also think our little boy is at the early stages of teething (ekk!), he's drooling like it's going out of style. All his toys are soaking wet, which reminds me, note to self: hand-wash all the little toys lying around.
I'm now sick as well, along with Aiden. I hate being sick, I complain a lot - & usually take it out on Ryan. But he's learned to deal with my drama, I love him.

Another thing, we've pushed Aiden's bedtime back to 7:30 - 8:00pm ish. We're trying the CIO method & boy, the boy can CRY. Makes me feel like a bad mama sometimes, but I've learned to stick it out. Mind you, it's not cold turkey - we're patting him, rubbing his belly, telling him we love him, good-night baby, etc., every 5 minutes.

Last night, he woke up at 2:00am and 4:30am (for his usual feedings). We're trying to cut out the 'middle-of-the-night' feedings as well. It's tough stuff, motherly instincts just want to nurse him, but we're lying down some rules! (finally, Aiden's so spoiled!)

Tonight is night number 2.
It took me 2 times of checking up & on the 3rd time, he was asleep. I just had to adjust his position so that his head was elevated, helps him breathe better.
I hope tonight is better, *crosses fingers.

I'm going to try & implement (hahaha) this new schedule by Monday.
7:30 am - Wake up, nurse, change out of sleeper, change diaper
8:00 am - Breakfast (just rice cereal, maybe next week, fruit)
8:15 am - Play with Daddy, activity mat
9:15 am - Naptime
11:00am - Wake up, nurse, change diaper
11:30am - Lunch (veggies)
11:45am - Say bye to Daddy!, play with toys
12:30pm - Naptime
2:00pm - Wake up, nurse, change diaper
2:30pm - Play with toys, jolly jumper
3:30pm - Naptime
5:00pm - Wake up, nurse, change diaper
5:45pm - Dinner (just oatmeal, maybe next week veggies & fruit)
6:00pm - Light activities with mama, slowly getting ready for bed
7:00pm - Change diaper, massage bedtime lotion, get into sleeper, read bedtime book
7:30pm - Nurse
Then bedtime, transition from our bed into his crib.
I feel like the holidays are just going to mess up up! :)

I'm listening to Christmas music & nothing puts me into the mood more. Except, I'm rather bitter of the fact that my papers & supplied for my December mini album have yet to arrive. I'm working with what I've got so far, but I've got A LOT of catching up to do!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

school stuff

I've been devoting most of my time to a productivity analysis paper for my online class. Problem is: it's a group paper & one of the hardest things about online classmates, if having everyone place forth the same amount of effort as you do. Crappy. So, here I am, placing forth lots and lots of time and energy into this 16 page paper. When in reality, I'd rather be playing with Photoshop. Annnnd, of course, spending time with Ry & Bunky.

I'm scared to go back next semester, even though it's just PT. I really don't want to leave Aiden. Separation anxiety.

Okay, back to this paper.
I'll be back with more thrilling things!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today, after dinner, I am baking my 1st loaf: lemon poppy seed.
Hope all goes well!

Monday, November 17, 2008

fill me in!

Busy bee, busy bee!
What have we been up to?

(1) My 23rd birthday came and passed. Ryan got me the exact bracelet that I wanted, wrapped in some kraft paper (so creative!) and inside a little blue box tied with a white little bow. Plus, he surprised me with this book. & he wrote this on the inside cover:

To my darling wife!
Here is your first cookbook.
I'm hoping you'll put it to good use!
I love you.
Your #2 guy

(2) On that note, I have yet to bake anything. But, we did however, pick up the Kitchen Aid Mixer that I bought Ryan some Christmas ago from his ma's. That's a start right? & I did learn how to use it :)

(3) On Sunday, we started Aiden on rice cereal! Woohoo! Heinz organic whole wheat rice cereal. A few days prior to the main event, I was 'pretend' feeding Aiden with just an empty spoon. He seemed to understand the concept quite well (what a smart boy!). We'll see how this goes. I'm just hoping that it fills him up during the evening so that we doesn't constantly wake up in the middle of the night. His routine, however, has gotten much better. I can't believe that he's almost 6 months, my goodness. Time is flying ...

(4) I have yet to start my '25 days until Christmas' mini album. I ordered my last batch of papers and supplies last night. I'm hoping that they come in sometime this week. My ma even beat me to completing her template ... whomp.

(5) Christmas shopping has started. My list has not become 'our' list and it has now doubled.

(6) OH! My Treo died on me on my birthday. So I have officially joined the BB bandwagon. I'm already addicted. This could be bad.

That's all for now, off to my creative desk.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


& so the countdown begins,
t-minus approx. 1 hour.

I don't know why I feel so glum.
This will probably change by tomorrow.

Here's to hoping.

online shopping

Since I'm on mat leave, I've found a liking to shopping online :)
Currently, I'm anxiously awaiting a package of scrapbooking supplies. I checked today & all the mailbox contained was a statement from State Farm letting me know that they've increased our costs - wonderful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy tuesday.

While I was attempting to sleep in, Ryan places Aiden in our bed with me. He tells me that he needs to take a trip to Kensington Market for some pork belly (for his addition at work). All groggy, I murmur, "uh-huh".

Secretly, I know he went downtown in search for my birthday gift :)
I love how he tries to surprise me, but how he also knows that I'm just too smart for it!

Oh my, 23 in 2.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

kiss kiss!

OMG. So there I was, sitting with Aiden on my lap while my mother siffed through all her scrapbooking supplies ... in an attempt to organize them all.
I started kissing Aiden's cheeks & behind his ears ..
& to my surprise, he kisses me back! Plants a big, wet on on my lips!
What a nice guy :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

keep fit & have fun!

I joined the gym last Thursday.
& I've gone 3 times since (my ideal is 2-3 times a week for about an hour each time).
A whole one-year membership. What did I get myself into? :)

Aiden & I joined a mom & tot class at the gym that I became a member at. Let me tell you, it's a freaking workout!

Monday, November 3, 2008

happy birthday love!

Another year, yet another birthday! But this is the first one that I get to call you my husband :)
So happy 22nd birthday hubby! hahaha.

Like I said in your card,
live large,
(don't worry too much about the money, we'll be okay!)
chase your dreams,
& the rest will just fall into place.

& just in case you didn't already know,
- I'm your biggest fan!

I love you more than all of the stars in the sky
* * *