Tuesday, April 30, 2013

pick me up: Forever21 edition

Like I mentioned in my previous post, although my closet is filled loads with lovely clothes - I always, always feel as if I have nothing to wear. Whenever I'm taking forever to get ready or when I'm running late and it's because of the "no clothes to wear reason", I've simply dubbed it as "I'm having a clothes crisis". AND, I find that the crisis seems to hit it's peak during the season changeover - especially during the warm weather - insert #classicgirlproblem sigh here.

& let's face it, for the longest time - I only really shopped where I work. It was easy & I got a discount. Now that I don't have access to a store daily, I'm looking for other retailers for other inspirations - imagine that. Also, with lower price points, I don't have to be that angry mom who yells because someone spilled juice on my 100% silk blouse. Cue Forever21.

I'm always worried about quality with F21, but then I tell myself - I'm not shopping there for quality, I'm shopping there for trend. And of course, once in a while you score a true gem, where quality & trend meet - oh! and price! You can't complain much when you're spending minimal dollars on "cool" clothes. So I'm learning to piece together fab finds with classic pieces to make up my own style - my mama-form, my mama-uniform. It's so easy to loose your own style and identity when you're taking care of little ones 24/7 - I think it's important to feel good about yourself, inside & out!

So without further adieu, here's my recent (& cray cheap!) haul from Forever21 ...   


1 *in white & gold // 2 // 3 *in cream & black // 4 // 5 

I got a few other pieces that don't seem to be online anymore ... strange! I also prefer to shop online versus shopping in their stores. It can be super overwhelming shopping online because of the extensive product selection (& of course, not being able to touch & try on the product), but I find it's even more overwhelming at the store - especially when I have my almost 10 month old shopping diva with me, lol. & with a long enough exchange / credit policy - I can always try on my pieces at home & return what I don't like in the stores. I'm happy that I'm going out of my comfort zone & finding pieces that work for me, for cheap! It only means more room in the budget for well, more stuff. Hahaha ...

Monday, April 29, 2013

swings & sunshine

Finally, some lovely weather. It truly does feel like Ontario has two extreme seasons: Winter & Summer. But I'm not complaining, bring it on Summer!

My sister, who's 15 years younger than I, slept over this weekend which is always nice. A is beyond fond of her - they're closer in age than her and I are, lol. I conned her to help me clean my closet and of course, all the stuff I didn't want anymore, was hers for the taking, win-win. My closet is literally bursting with apparel, but I always feel like I have nothing to wear, always. #classicgirlproblems

The warmer weather always calls for play time outdoors. I love that Aiden is all about this - I'd much rather him be begging us to ride his bike or play baseball in the front yard than playing video games and or computer games indoors (hopefully it stays this way). Soak up that vitamin D baby! & this is how I remembered my own childhood - I rode that purple bike just about every where and really only came home cause it was getting dark out and well, I was getting dark, lol. We have a wooden swing set in our backyard, but no bucket baby swing (booo) so we took Sadie to the park nearby to have her first time swing experience! She was definitely a little hesitant at first, but love it once she got the hang of it! Obviously don't pay any attention to my voice in the vid and just watch her awesome face.

Baby girl, you crack me up.
& did you see, we have teeth :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for Boston

The events that took place at the Boston marathon yesterday have me feeling: sad, scared and well, annoyed. I could never comprehend how someone could plan to hurt so many people ... makes the world such a scary place.  

This photo has been surfacing all over Instagram - I love the message & it's reminder that there is still kindness out there.
& the quote goes on to say,
To this day, especially in times of "disaster", I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world.
My heart goes out to those in Boston.
& a big hug to the helpers out there, who help make the world not so scary after all.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Funday!

Now if I was working, let's be honest - I would dread Mondays. 
But since I'm not, we love love Mondays around here. It's Ryan's only day off and so typically it's a jam packed day. We usually run errands, grab a nice lunch, A has swimming, we get to enjoy dinner together as a family and Ry plays basketball in the evenings.  Jam packeroo.

& now that the weather is getting warmer & the sun is shinning, Monday may very well be our favourite day of the week. Of course, it helps when this bugger is smiling back atcha first thing in the morning, milk moustache and all :)

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday friends!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

list series: where / why I've been hiding (lol)

1. Yes, yes ... I've been slacking - whoops!

2. Last Monday, I had an emergency dental surgery & got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled out ... they were causing me some serious pain. Recovery mode all last week. As a nursing Mama, I felt like I was always starving (actually always feel this way, LOL) ... it was not fun. I am so so happy that they are gone.

3. Lots of family stuff going on. If you're able to, please keep us and our families in your thoughts & prayers - thank you.

4. I have this long list of home related projects ... I have yet to check one off ...

5. My mat leave is supposed to be over mid-June, supposed to be.

6. The sun has been shining the past few days, but it's deceiving as heck - where is the warm weather?!

7. I'm setting deadlines & personal goals ... I'm getting excited & can't wait to share with you!