Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Long Weekend!

My only plans this weekend are to: go into labour & give birth to a baby.
Crossing my fingers that my plans pull through.


I've also been working on this, that's all.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You've Got Mail!

Cute, pretty, fabric bunting mail!

So excited to have this arrive today! I purchased it off Etsy (my slightly newest obsession).
The seller (Jennifer) was such a pleasure to deal with and came up with this custom order for me!
Beyond happy with how it turned out and how it's looking hanging on baby's very plain crib (for now).
Aren't cute crafty things the best things?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lovin' the Weekends!

Although I'm on mat leave and really, everyday is a weekend - the weekends are when I really get to spend time with my favs.

This weekend was no different.
My brother graduated a few weeks ago getting his Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

I couldn't be more proud of him. It's a field that takes passion and discipline and he managed to pull it off in 4 years (something I definitely couldn't do!). I hope that he continues to love what he does and wish him all the success! Welcome to the real world Broski.

We celebrated his graduation today at an AYCE sushi lunch at 168 - always delicious. But of course, nothing raw or with tobiko for me.

So Mom and Dad now have 2 down (the easier two!) & 2 more to go!
It's crazy how far apart in age we are as siblings, yet we still manage to have close relationships, inside jokes, get along pretty well and pretty much can stand each other's company. Aiden and Chelsea are closer in age than Chelsea and myself! Love being able to spend time with my family. & it's an added plus that my Mom and I get along much better now that I've moved out :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm packing my bags, I'm ready to go!

Well sort of.
Yesterday, I started a more serious process of packing my hospital bag. I can't begin to say how nervous this makes me and how crazy fast the past 38 weeks have flew by.

Regardless of how "prepared" I get, I know there will be something that I forget.
Right now the list is as follows:
-Oil of Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths (my absolute favourite for removing make-up and the day off my face)
-Deodorant, his and hers
-Shampoo & Conditioner, in case I get a chance to actually shower post-labour
-Hair elastics and bobby pins
-$20 bucks, for snacks or drinks or whatever, I know - for a large double double from Tims post-labour, yes.
-Earth Mama Angela Baby Nipple butter, my cousin gave me this at my shower and I'm excited to try it! From what I can remember from the 1st time, my nipples were sore and chapped (TMI?)
-Lansinoh Nursing pads (I swear by these)
-Robe and nightgown for post-labour that my mama bought for me, why she bought white - no idea.
-Medela Nursing Sleep Bra, comfy and underwireless
-Warm socks

Still need to add
-Change of clothes for both Ryan and I
-Sleep clothes for Ryan, that's if he will sleep
-Baby's clothes! (hats, mitts, sleepers, onesies and blankets) Also a cute outfit for baby to go home in (was thinking of getting something blue and something pink and then just returning whatever we didn't need - but now that sounds like a lot of work, lol)
-Own pillow, for comfort's sake
-Simple snacks
-Still ensure about whether I want to bring my nursing pillow or not

& I'll leave it to that for our hospital bag (ekkk!)

Still lots to be done around here. Mom and Dad come by to deliver their gift for baby last night which means onces Ryan builds it, I can start nesting a bit more by laundering baby's clothes and putting them away. But baby's dresser is after Ryan builds Mom and Dad's (x2) birthday gift for Aiden. It's a sweltering 43 degrees here in Milton today & Ryan's enduring this heat to make Aiden happy. Ry is so smitten over A, hehehe. Ryan also has a tee time at 4pm. Wishing that Ry had more time off and more time with us, but he's staying productive and helpful. As am I, I've taken a stab at grilling on the BBQ for lunch today, ahhh!

Plus, I'm staying quite busy with some creative projects. Wish makes me very happy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

38 Weeks!

& 1 day.
Feeling a whole new level of heavy. I'm pretty much always hungry, but can't seem to eat as much as I desire cause there's no more room left! I'm anxious and beyond nervous for labour. I know I've done it before, but my goodness it's been 4 years! The pain that I endured has been longer forgotten! I'm most nervous for labour - and well, learning to breastfeed again.

I've started packing my hospital bag to be better prepared for the big day, but still feel like I'll forget something regardless. I also applied for EI today & considering that it's part of my job to teach / tell others how to apply, I'm hoping the process is painless and smooth for me.

I also worked on some creative projects today (something I hope to do a lot of while I'm on my mat leave). I'll share more details soon. I also purchased this off Etsy today - I am in love. Now if I could just find the perfect crib sheets.

& as per my latest tweet, my life has also resorted to laundry and well, more laundry. And it's only going to pile up even more, literally. Over the weekend I sorted through some of Aiden's old baby clothes and picked out all the yellows and greens. I'm waiting on Ma to get us baby's dresser, so I can start washing and folding all these itty bitty baby clothes into their homes. I'm catching sniffs of "baby" in our nursery and can't wait for that fresh baby scent when our babes arrives. We can't wait to meet you baby, we love you so much already

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I can't begin to describe how much my dad means to me. He's definitely a man of few words. But we can tell, in his choice of words and facial expressions that he's one proud Papa. He's a man that truly puts his family first and has always made that evident to us. He has raised us to be responsible, outgoing and caring individuals - and I could never thank him enough. I love you faja, xx.

If you haven't seen this from Google, grab a kleenex! And if you have, it's truly a nice reminder to see what the power of the World Wide Web can accomplish, the creativity that we all possess as humans and the desire to connect and capture the moments.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next Few (Home) Purchases

Because my mind has been mush as of late, written lists have been saving me (for the most part).
I'm itching to get some new stuff for our home while de-cluttering the stuff (toys) that we (A) no longer use.

Here's a few things I'd like to snag soon:
1. Crate & Barrel: Two Gallon Jar
The current jar that's holding our flour is just not cutting it ...
2. Waring Deep Fryer
We rarely deep fry, but let's face it - some things just taste better done this way. Not 100% sure that this is the fryer to get (since Ryan usually have final say in such gadgets), but this one sure looks pretty.
**edit: showed Ryan my blog draft and he already said that this wasn't "the one" ... lol.

3. Crate and Barrel: Chloe Chair
Well, at over $1000 a pop - it's definitely not going to be this exact chair. But looking for some lovely patterned accent chairs for the living room to go with "project fireplace mantel" (we'll discuss at a later date).

4. Pottery Barn Kids: Collector's Shelves
What I really want are these, but they never seem to have them in stock. These would be perfect for A's room.

5. Crate and Barrel: 4 Piece Serving Set
After hotsing A's birthday at our home with all our family, it was beyond evident that we need more of these. Geez.

If we don't get the exact items, I'm excited to find replicas of these things at lower prices. I always love a good deal!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toronto Island: Centreville

Yesterday we took advantage of Ryan being off from work and took Aiden out for some outdoor fun! I loved going to Centreville as a kid and remember having some awesome times there. The 7 minute ferry ride was prefect for our antsy pre-schooler. Since I couldn't ride any of the rides, I sat in the sun for most of the day while Ryan frolicked with Aiden. I definitely should have brought Mr. Grey along with me (maybe I would have finally finished the damn book). After a full day of being outside, my preggo self was pooped! Good thing we didn't get caught in the rain. Aiden had an amazing time.

Loved spending the entire day with my boys - always live for days like these.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Is this for real? We have a 4 year old?
Right now, you love Power Rangers & Captain America. Your favourite veggies are asparagus and broccoli & you've recently discovered Mac & Cheese (the KD kind). Milk is still one of your drinks of choice. You're rambunctious and always full of energy. You're super stubborn - okay let's rephrase, you're strong willed. You're (slowly) learning how to share & you're beyond curious of the world (what's that mean?, what's next?, and then what?). You love to read & be outside - no more training wheels on your bike - but you're still learning. We can get you to sleep in your room & some nights you sleep there, all by yourself (well - with Teddy, Woody, Baboy & Mickey - your must have friends). You love wearing belts with your shorts and skinnys, putting your wallet in your back pocket (like daddy-o does) and dress yourself with the best swag. You are beyond thrilled to start school and make new friends.  

Aiden baby, we can't believe how BIG you are.
We love you more than words. You are simply our greatest joy.
& in less than one month - you'll be a big brother.

Happy Birthday Daniel Aiden!
xx - Mama, Daddy & Baby.