Monday, June 1, 2009

my life as i know it,

Quick, little update ... I feel like I'll be able to write more if I write in a list :)

1. Our computer crashed over a week ago. I'm still recovering over the fact that I don't think I'll be able to retrieve all those files. I try not to think about it too much because the anxiety overwhelms me. Father brought the cpu to a family friend, in hopes to recover what we hope hasn't been lost forever ... this incident will teach me to backup, backup, backup! :(

2. Aiden is ONE this Friday! Our baby is ONE! It's hard to swallow. & if this is an indication of how time will fly in the years to come, oh boy ... we'll have a teenager on our hands soon enough! hehehe. I'm semi-nervous for this birthday bash on Saturday. Hoping that things go off without a hitch & that we're all able to just enjoy ourselves. Reminder; take loads of photos ... this is how A will remember this moment.

3. Our baby is a walker! Ok, so he's not completely mobile on his own, but he's getting there & he's soo cute! His first steps are amazing & his determination is so strong :)

4. Law & Order on Sunday night is tres addictive .. super.

5. After A's birthday extravaganza, Ry & I are going to get serious about home-buying. Need to get a pre-approved mortgage, save more for our downpayment & hopefully find a realtor who'll be able to match up with our perfect home! I can't wait to be a home-owner :D

6. So I went back to work about 2 weeks ago ... it's been, ok. So many things change over one year's time & let's just say things are just not the same. My feelings are mixed & I'm swaying back & forth. This is supposed to be what I love ...

7. I'm so proud of Ry. His creativity inspires me & his passion is addictive. I'm so happy for him.

8. I'm 98% sure that my upper wisdom tooth is cracked or broken or ... not right. My teeth suck.

9. It's been 2 weeks since my gym passed has been scanned. What does it take to stay committed? Gaaaahhhhh!

10. It feels like forever since I've scrapped. I miss it.

11. Can't wait to be the proud owner of a Mac, where is our tax refund?! :(

12. I'm posting my daily rantings on Twitter ... I'm actually at an addictive state.

13. I'm a reality TV whore; The Real Housewives, Tori & Dean, ANTM, Make Me a Supermodel, So You Think You Can Dance ...

14. Lastly, I'm hoping Tatay is getting better ... xo.