Saturday, September 28, 2013

just a girl & her first purse

P9275808 P9275807
P9275812 P9275817

We finally found a little purse for Sadie bear to rock! It's pink & gold with studs, bonus! Obviously her interest in posing for me isn't as high as her love for her new toy purse. 

Sadie, you are 1/2 princess girly girl and 1/2 superhero loving. You love watching Sofia the First & of course, snippets of Power Rangers with your brother. You love playing dress up but most days roam around in your diaper, happy & carefree. You eat anything and everything you can get your hands into ... you love food. You've been waking up screaming in your crib as of late and your sweet little face looks beyond terrified. I bring you into our bed with us & Daddy just loves cuddling you to sleep. By morning, Aiden is with us too. Our King sized bed suddenly feels warm, full & cozy. You are the perfect little addition to our family, we love you too much little girl.    

Friday, September 27, 2013

& the hiatus continues!

Oh how I miss thee! Truly! Things are hectic, but we are so so happy. And I promise, there's no glorification of busy over here - just slowly down & focusing on things that matter :)

If you follow my Instagram feed for Pixel Paper Hearts, you would have seen this already & would have read my sob story about how my MacBook charger melted (yes, melted). 

So I've been on a bit of a design hiatus & I'm loving and hating every minute of it. Part of me wants to work on my designs, my skills day in a day out. I feel like I get better with practice and the more work I do, the more confident I become. BUT this is definitely not possible, especially with two littles running around & a hubs who works his butt off so that we're able to have me be a "stay-at-home mama". Some weeks the focus is on the business, other weeks it's on home life. The balance is hard, but I have to remind myself that saying no to one thing means saying YES to something else. I'm determined to cultivate a life that feels good inside and out.

Hope you're all doing wonderful!