Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lunch is Served!

Buying my lunch almost every day last week, I definitely made a huge effort and a point to ensure that I have a packed lunch every single day this week. And what a success! You just need to put a little more thought and effort into it, but it's more than possible.

Plus, I'm not breaking the bank (spending approx. $10-15 on lunch on the days I have to venture off to the village to find something to eat - esp. because the options are slim to none). The key, my friends - plan ahead. I could get better with this, but things are working out so far!

Lunch today was ... a Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwhich with Avocado - yum!

Shout out to Jill's sandwhich press that she's left at the office, this thing inspires me (except for the fact that I can't devour any deli meat for the next x amount of weeks). Hoping that this trend stays afloat. The hardest question to answer around the office is ... "What's for lunch?"

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