Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The ABCs of Me

Hello! Saw this post idea off another blogger. I'm always for blog idea prompts. So here we go!

Age: 26. Oldest of four. Can't even believe that I turn 27 this year, yikes!
Bedsize: King baby.
Chores that you hate: Taking the compost and the garbage out ...
Dogs: I'm definitely not really an animal person.
Essential start to your day: Pre-pregnancy days, it was always a coffee. Now breakfast is essential.
Favorite color: I always just have an "at the moment" fav colour - right now it's teal. well, and grey.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: Short, but taller than Mom.
Instruments you play: I don't think I've ever played an instrument ... how sad!
Job title: Godess to my hubs, and mama to the sweetest boy. But my job title that pays the bills - Human Resources Coordinator, Canada East
Kids: A (our crazy almost 4 year old) and baby #2 in the belly.
Live: Find what you love & do it, for the rest of your life.
Mother’s Name: Blesilda, Bessie for short.
Nicknames: CHING. Artes. CdL.
Overnight hospital stays: Only for labour and delivery, hoping there's no other time.
Pet peeves: A sink full of dishes. People who don't say "thank you" when you hold the door for them. Bad drivers.
Quote from a movie or tv show: “You're the one I want next to me, when all my dreams come true”
Right or Lefty: Right is right.
Siblings: We're all approx. 5 years apart - Wayne, William & Chelsea.
Time you wake up: earlier than I would like - 6:45am.
Underwear: Like do I wear any? Yes, everyday.
Vegetable you hate: Cooked carrots.
What makes you run late: Clothes crisis. I have a closet full of clothes, but never have anything to wear.
X-Rays You’ve Had: Do dental x-rays count?
Yummy food you make: Tamarind-based filipino like stew? ... Sinigang. Let's face it, cooking is def one of the things that Ryan trumps me in.
Zoo Animal: Did I mention that I wasn't really an animal person?

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