Monday, March 18, 2013

things are brewing!

March, you'e almost over!

My hiatus is blamed on various things & if you know me well, I can usually conjure up many reasons why, lol. Like, my two babies who seem to be very, very efficient at sucking up all my energy or my self-diagnosis of bloggerlust - where I start the evening with intentions of blogging but then I find a blogs of bloggers who fascinate me and I start blog hopping and pinning and jotting things down in my moleskine and before you know it I drowing in this rabbit hole of inspiration and it's midnight again and I panic because I should have been sleeping because Sadie is like a ticking time bomb these nights and can explode with that squeal-like cry at any moment ... sigh, lol.

BUT! I'm making progress on some pretty things & I can't wait to share!

That's all!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sadie Quinn: 8 months!

EIGHT. We're at eight now? My goodness.
>>> slow down, please!

Also, no idea why it takes me so long to post these monthly posts. I always start on the day of her monthiversary but then it ends up sitting in my drafts forever .. whomp!


Sadie girl, you look so mature and so serious in this photo! My how you've changed over the months - not just physically but you're personality is definitely coming through!

hey! enough photos already!

& what a personality you have! (I just noticed that you'll pulling on your hair in this photo, lol - something you're actually doing quite a bit off these days ... stressed much?, try sleeping through the night, I heard that helps with the stress - teehee). You're shy at first, but you warm up fast. You're never afraid to let us know when you've had enough, when you need something and when you simply want time to yourself. I can already tell that you'll be a kind soul.

Love for tags

You're obsession / fascination with tags hasn't faded. I always say that you're reading the warning labels and care instructions ... obvs. Right now you love playing with the remote control, our dvds, Aiden's little chair and pretty much anything that doesn't belong to you. But you're the boss, so I guess what's ours, is yours? Besides singing, dancing has now been a favourite past time. You just love listening to music. And you're not picky either, just anything with a good beat and good lyrics of course. You love to explore. We spend a lot of time just crawling around the main floor playing hide and seek & peek-a-boo. A and I also pretend you're a shark and we crawl away from you so you won't eat us.


P3022788  P3022789

You are still on #teamnofear. And I hope you continue to have this attitude about life. Mama, Daddy & Kuya A will always back you, 100 percent.


We are happily still nursing (yay!). But you're finding quite inventive positions. You're most recent favourite is sitting towards me, yes ... sitting - what a silly girl. Haven't thought too much about weaning just yet. You're typically eating two "meals" a day. Again, I'm letting you take the lead and trying to follow your cues. Mushed, pureed foods and well, spoons are things of the past ... it's all about eating the chunks with your hands! Which of course can be a messy process, but you're happy - and you're enjoying mealtime. And it also allows for me to eat too, so really win-win-win. You've chosen a simple cup versus your sippy - cutest thing watching you gulp water, hehe. I'm excited to keep mealtime adventurous for you and hoping that you become a non-picky eat just like Aiden.


I truly can't image what our lives would be like without you in it. Together with Aiden, you have blessed us with such happiness and joy. You both continue to teach me and test my patience (lol). But I'd like to think that I'm (we're) getting the hang of having two kiddies. After having Aiden, I didn't think that it was possible for me to love another as much as I love him ... but then we had you. It's amazing how my heart just simply adjusts.


That face! We love you Sadie-Q!

ALSO, after much badgering and persistance, this happened! Weeeee!
(just don't mind my annoying voice, muhahahaha!)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mama & Sadie

Oh, there's a timer function on my camera? Let me try!
Except for the fact that I'm attempting to grow my eyes brows (don't judge me), why haven't I used the timer function sooner?! Now if I can only get the boys in on this "photo shoot", maybe my wall can stop being so bare!

Mama & Sadie

Mama & Sadie Mama & Sadie

Mama & Sadie Mama & Sadie

I always take a bajillion photos. Especially of my babies. Better to have many to choose from rather than none, right? And sometimes, it happens ... you capture the perfect one ....


My cousin noticed that Sade's tiny tongue is shaped like a little heart, it totally is! Haha.

We've had some gorg weather here this weekend. Hoping it holds up forever for the kiddies during March Break this week. Forever would be nice too! Being able to open the windows in our home and let the fresh, crisp air creep through puts me in a fab mood instantly. Can't wait for dresses, shorts & sandals! Any excuse for a new wardrobe, right ;)

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pixel Paper Hearts: Our 1st Feature! - Weddingbells Magazine

It's no secret that I'm fond of all things crafty and creative. If I could spend all of my days crafting and creating, I would be a happy camper. I dream of it from time to time and almost get to a point where I truly believe that it can be my reality ... but for some reason, I always manage to hold myself back.
& then I think of this ...

I'm sure I came across the quote / image via Pinterest or maybe even via Tumblr (not 100% sure of the source, if you know - please let me know!) So very slowly, I started networking ... started creating for "clients" and started getting referred by clients (bonus!). Pixel Paper Hearts was (and is still) making its' modest debut.

I can't explain the kind of joy that comes from creating "art" for people's big moments. What may not be known is that my right hand man is actually my younger brother, Wayne - he's usually the graphic genius behind our designs. We work well together (most of the time), compliment each other's design eye & of course, I love being able to share the fruits of our labour. Plus, I can always tattle tale on him to Ma if he ain't carrying his load of the work, hahaha.

A few months back - I was contacted by a friend who I met during my teenage years, Roseanne.
She's is the Associate Editor at Weddingbells (what a wicked job). We were asked to design some stationary stuff for their Special Edition issue that would hit stands across Canada post Valentine's Day 2013. What an experience! & of course, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

SIP-WB-Feb 2013-PPH

As per their request, the full-page spread layout is to be kept under wraps for the next little while.
So pick up your copy for inspiration, trendy tips and of course, to see our work!

Annnnd, feel free to like us on Facebook too! :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

you is ... (& a freebie!)

Ok, so I'm totally late jumping on "The Help" badwagon. As in I skipped reading the book and just watched the movie a few days ago. I live under a rock, yes.

But what a wonderful story! I'm a sucker for anything that makes you feel such emotion. Can you just imagine what it was like living in that era? And I'm all for believing that one person can truly make a difference. Because it only take one to stand out from the crowd. And of course, just like everyone else, I fell for Aibileen's humbling efforts to make a child feel proud about herself ... despite what anyone else says.

Aiden didn't watch the movie with me, but I recited the famous "you is ..." lingo to him before bed one night and his just face lit up! Amazing how such simple words can evoke such confidence. I've always been a fan of lovely words.


& I love reminders of such, so I whipped up a simple printable for A and Sadie's bedrooms. Originally I planned for them to be in a small square frame, but had no such luck finding such a frame. So I opted to use some pewter rectangular frames that I already had on hand. I may just switch to the square once I actually find a frame.

Annnnd, I'm sharing them with who ever wants em!
Just click the images below to download for free :)
The square prints are formatted for 5x5 and the rectangle prints are formatted for 5x3.5

you-is-blue  you-is-pink

you-is-blue-rec  you-is-pink-rec

*These freebies / printables are for personal use only! 
Please do not sell, distribute or recreate, all rights reserved - thank you!


My kind, smart & important babies! I can't stress just how much these two mean to me, they truly are the biggest part of my heart!

Happy Saturday everyone, enjoy!