Thursday, November 1, 2012


The night before Halloween, I turned to Ryan and said ... "we're just not big Halloween people". It's not that I don't like it or enjoy it, but I've never been one to be super excited to dress up or to think of creative costumes. We semi decorate our home & carve pumpkins, but of course, this is all for Aiden.

I really wasn't going to dress Sadie up, but 4am while I was nursing her - my mama guilt came over me. I felt bad. So I rushed over to Michael's in the morning to pick up some felt. For under $4 and with one of A's old onesies, I impressed even myself ... (of course, sewing would have made it 100 times cooler, but I don't sew - so fabric glue & a hot glue gun it was!) Ta da!

I was debating on getting the costume from Etsy last month, but just couldn't justify spending $52 for it (plus shipping) - yikes! My makeshift DIY version was more than enough.

It was slightly challenging getting her into her costume and even more of a challenge getting her to lay still on her back, but we managed! So here's Miss Sadie baby making her nigiri debut!

Aiden, of course, wanted nothing more than to be the Red Ranger. & since we already had the costume, mask & megasword ... it was a win-win. Getting a photo of this bugger was challenging too. He's definitely at "that" age. 
His posture in the second photo kills me, LOL. Pretty much sums up how he feels about the photoshoot.

The weather was gloomy, cold & wet. Sadie and I waited and waited and waited. I managed to snap this lovely photo of her. Don't mind my gross unwashed hair (weave) - I actually chopped it off today. 

I was beyond generous with the first bunch of kiddies & almost thought we'd run out of goodies (ek!). Despite the weather, we definitely got the most bunch of kids this year so far.

So until next year, happy halloween from our Red Ranger (pow!, A says) & Sushi Sadie (nom, nom).

Will we ever have nice fall weather for the kiddies to trick or treat in?

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