Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Luxuries of Working from Home

I could probably talk on forever, about the mere pros of working from home. & from time to time, I do take advantage of the fact that I'm able to do so!
Working from home would mean, you would ...
  • Play your part with saving the enviornment and save on gas!
  • Regain time from a lengthly commute
  • Sleep more
  • Cook more (I'd like to imagine)
  • Spend less money on clothes ... or maybe it's spend less time thinking of what to wear!
With all the pros, I still don't think that I could permantly work from home. I would miss the social interaction that a workplace enviroment brings. I would miss having a printer (something that we should definiely invest in at home!). But having the option to stay home is definitely sweet as pie.

Take yesterday as an example. Knowing that my OB appointment would take much longer than anticipated - I made the executive decision to work from home. Aiden and I were both able to sleep in a bit longer, I was able to drop Ryan off at work (versus him walking or getting a ride from one of this coworkers), Aiden was able to stay home with me (& we had a rather splendid lunch together) and I was able to make these ...

Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies

Recipe found and pinned here. Ok. So I over cooked them, but you can't tell from the photo right? Hahaha, my loving son also told me that they taste delish when dipped in milk - and we all know how brutally honest children are!

& I also made a very special delivery yesterday as well ....

Kate (the bride) and I went to Elementary and High School together. Really only kept in touch with short messages via FaceBook over the years. When I noticed that she was getting married via my FaceBook feed, I thought I congratulate her more personally (via notes versus her wall, lol) and after a few mesages, we were discussing the details of the wedding! Fun! I thought to myself, what a perfect segway - and went for it. & the outcome was fab! Extremely happy how happy Kate was with the final product! and extremely flattered with all the comments / likes I received on Instagram and FaceBook. This is truly the start of something lovely.

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