Friday, March 30, 2012

Belly Friendly Fashion

Or maybe I should have titled my post as lack of! My clothes crisis has definitely climaxed. Even with carefully planning (at least thinking about what I could wear the night before), the execution doesn't always work out as planned. Actually, I have been struggling & that's an understatement. I have accumulated a nice chunk of clothing allowance and haven't done much damage at the store because I my new chest doesn't seem to want to cooperative with me and nothing fits properly. I also feel like I have most of the launch in a different colour or in last year's version (I guess that's what happens when you work for the same company for almost 8 years - ek!). I've been able to pick up pieces here and there, but haven't had much luck in the shopping department.

The weather plays a huge part in all of this. Last week, we had temperatures of 23 plus degrees in Toronto (the sweet smell of summer) and today, well the forecast called for snow. I'm yearning for the warmer weather so I can spend my days in maxi dresses - all day, everyday. But for now, I have to get creative with my wardrobe in hopes that something will pay off. Today, I got myself in my leather leggings (didn't think I could!) and a bright royal blue unstructured blazer. Thought it was worth a photo!

Side note: this photo trips me out a little. At first glance, it made me think that I forgot to wear my wedding rings today. But really, the mirror flips the image and my rings are on my hidden hand ... or maybe I'm slightly going crazy (mainly because I need a break from work) or maybe because my preggo brain is getting the best of me. At this point, who knows ...

My ultimate plan is to still stock up on floor length dresses in breathable fabrics. Ninety percent of my wardrobe consists of silk, which I'm completely over right now. I miss cotton, and hoping to find pieces I can work with that I don't have to hand wash (since I'm a little lazier these days) and or dry clean (that's definitely the last thing I want to be doing). 

Crossing my fingers for some success on my next shopping adventure! Or else I will start coming to work and venturing out in public in a brown paper bag ... with maybe some accessories.

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