Thursday, November 22, 2012

list series: random thoughts lingering in my head

I'm here! Just working on a few other projects :)

1. I am behind on my Christmas shopping. Time to pull out the big guns, time to online shop, lol.

2. I pondering whether I should venture to the mall tomorrow with both babes (A has a PA day ). I'd really like to check our Santa photo off the list - but just the thought of two of them and one of me gives me a bit of anxiety. Also, A has been sicky all week and just started to feel better ... I'd like for him to be back to his silly-old self first.

3. I'm excited for 2013. Most people say thirteen is unlucky, it's always been good to me. 2013, bring it.

4. There's so much anticipation for the holidays and Christmas (who doesn't love this time of the year!), but I'm hoping that the days don't pass to fast - I love Christmas traditions. Can't wait with two babes this year.

5. I know I always say this, but I need to de-clutter. Clutter is everywhere and clutter is taking over!

6. I found out that IF I was working, I would've been in NY this weekend for the 5th Avenue opening - boo. But having Sadie baby is def a fair trade.

7. December Daily, I will finish you this year.

Oh & to my American friends and family - Happy Thanksgiving!

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