Saturday, March 3, 2012

patiently waiting!

We're nearly there! Well (just a little over) halfway. But I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to FLY by. To be honest, it hasn't really hit me that baby #2 is on the way - mainly because my first trimester this time around was ... needless to say, uncomfortable. I was truly just trying to get by, day-by-day. But now that that's all over with - I can enjoy the joys of being pregnant for the second time around. Aiden is in complete awe of the changes. "Ma, soon you'll be so big that you won't be able to fit inside our house!" - God, I hope that never becomes the case, lol.

This - I can't believe, was almost 4 years ago. Where does time go? To think, that when Aiden was born, we weren't even able to send my Mom (who wasn't able to be there for my labour because of a poorly planned business trip) a photo of him because our phones (Palm Treo) did not have text messaging photo capacity? But this time, if I wanted to - not only could I send a photo like the one above to my entire address book, but I could also tweet my entire labour for all my followers to "experience" or frequently update my status on facebook via my iPhone. I could also take a quick video of the first few moments and post it on vimeo - or right onto my blog or tumblr - or ... well, you get the point.

I can't wait to relive all the firsts. Especially being in our own home & with A along for the ride. In 17 weeks, we'll be a family of four.

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