Saturday, March 3, 2012

the reason

Ok. I'm back - promise.
Every time I make my come back, I tend to reflect back on what made me start blogging / documenting in the 1st place. (& really why it's been so difficult for me to be consistent)
In my early years, let's be honest - it was to vent. I felt comfort knowing that there was someone else, anyone else - out there who was feeling the exact same thing that I was. That I wasn't alone.
As this phase in my life faded - I started documenting ... life. The significant moments that have truly made an impact on what make me - me.
& I guess this is really where I'm still at ...
But my significant moments are getting bigger, more meaningful.
If I could remember each moment, the way I felt each time these meaningful moments crossed my life - I would leave this world satisfied. So here I am, telling my favourite story - the one that belongs to us.

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