Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh Baby! - Nursery Inspiration

Ok. So, I just hit the 25 week mark, which means only 15 more weeks until baby #2 arrives!
(insert panic mode, right about ... now).

I had my second OB appointment this morning. I always wonder what's the point of making an appointment if they don't see you at your scheduled time? Over an hour in the waiting room for a 2 minute checkup. But to hear the words - "everything is perfect", definitely makes it worthwhile. Baby is a great size and baby's heart rate is super normal. Aiden finds so much joy in hearing the waves of sound.

With A, since we were still living with my parents - I didn't get to bask in the luxuries of prepping a nursery. I'm definitely excited for this, this time around. Luckily, I have found a slight addiction to Pinterest, so I've been able to get loads of inspiration for the space. This is what the space looks like, right now ...

Because we decided to keep the sex of our baby a surprise, yet again - we have to choose colours that aren't so gender specific. Here's the colour palette that I would like to work with:

Definitely loving grey and yellow as a colour combo. I will add touches of teal in some details, but who knows - if baby turns out to be a girl, I may have to add some pink tones in there!

Here are some images of inspiration:
3. source unknown, image found on Pinterest

I've itching to start this project, bit by bit. Step one has to be a haul out of the current things living in the space. This my friends, is where my husband plays a part!

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