Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five for Friday!

The weeks are just zooming by - how is it Friday again already?! Linking up with some wonderful ladies again! Here we go!


// one
Things are finally settling down around here. With Aiden's birthday, school finishing, our family vacation to Cape Cod (which I still haven't shared!) and then Sadie's birthday - it was definitely go go go for the last little while. I'm surprised that we had clean underwear in our drawers ... ek! I'm excited for some me time and ready to jump into  Project Life. Love that I'm going back to my scrapbooking days :)

// two

My office (desk) is currently in my walk-in closet, sighs. I'm in need of a revamp of inspirational space. The closet office works, kind of - but there's so much more potential I just know it! Ha. So there's my little inspirational photo - pinned on my Home - Pinterest board & embedded in my brain for motivation. We have the perfect little corner in our master bedroom we could use for an "office" space - now time get errrr done!

// three

A little while ago I posted about me hating our dining table. Well, I still do. Action must be taken soon! Originally I wanted a big round table, but now ... I have big dreams of a DIY dining table like this one made by uber talented, crafty as heck, business owning Mama of three (adorable babes!) with the chairs above from Target for $99 (for the set!) & possibly some Eames chairs too?! SWOON.

// four
I am in love with this face scrub! It may even be replacing my Clarisonic from my routine - gasp. It feels gentle and soothing on my face and smells lovely. It's also easy on the bank account - approx. $15 for 4.9 ounces. DEAL. & they're Canadian - woot!

// five
Is it too early to be thinking of Christmas? ...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sadie Quinn Turns One!

& just like that, we have a one year old! (insert Mama sob here, wahhhh)

We celebrated our baby girl's first birthday over the weekend with family, friends & a whole lot of food! & of course, I had my DIY hat on for the big event. I'm a sucker for little details - though super hard to achieve with so many guests - but I love how it all turned out! We're so lucky to have family and friends who helped out & made this day a special one for our Sweet Sadie. Though she won't remember a single thing (especially how freaking adorable she looked!), the photos will help trigger the memories for us!

sq1 Sadie turns one-25
Sadie turns one-29 Sadie turns one-27
Sadie turns one-28 Sadie turns one-21
 Sadie turns one-11
Sadie turns one-10 Sadie turns one-9
Sadie turns one-7 Sadie turns one-13
Sadie turns one-23
Sadie turns one-32 Sadie turns one-34
Sadie turns one-41
Sadie turns one-38
Sadie turns one-49
Sadie turns one-47
Sadie turns one-54
Sadie turns one-77 Sadie turns one-76
Sadie turns one-6
Sadie turns one-66
Sadie turns one-74
Sadie turns one-62
Sadie turns one-81 Sadie turns one-82
Sadie turns one-80 Sadie turns one-79
Sadie turns one-83
Sadie turns one-88
Sadie turns one-89
Sadie turns one-90 sq1
Sadie turns one-91 Sadie turns one-92
Sadie turns one-86
Sadie turns one-93 Sadie turns one-75
Sadie turns one-72

& that's a wrap!
Happy first Sadie Bean! We love you too much! 

Photo credits: Ronaldo Tungol Photography
Baked goodies (smash cake, cake pops & mini cupcakes): Sweet Fix Bakery
Mama's DIYs - pinwheel backdrop, lace birthday crown, tissue paper tassel garlands, paperbag glitter clothespin loot bags, leather keychain favours: details & tutorials to follow!