Friday, January 4, 2013

Sadie Quinn: 6 months!

happy half birthday baby girl!
now to start planning your 1st birthday bash, how exciting! what's not so exciting is the thought of me having to go back to work, still conjuring a plan for me to stay home with my babies.

At six months ...
-You are simply delightful and such a joy in our lives, we cannot get enough of you!
-You're playful, attentive and determined
-Your thighs are getting chunky, just the way we like it!
-You've tried rice cereal & don't get what the fuss is all about, it's aiiiiight, lol.
-Your much more fun to dress up now, I simply can't resist a cute baby outfit hehe.
-I think it's safe to say that you're in the early stages of teething, cause you're the biggest drooling monster
-Your crawling is getting much better, you're so speedy!
-You love playing with your spoons, Sophie & the little purse Kuya Aiden got you for Christmas
-I will never stop loving you calling me, "mmmmmm"
-Your laugh is simply contagious

Here's what else we've been up to:

One day / night at a time. I know that this will eventually correct itself. We've not in the best boat, but not to shabby either. Everyone's allowed to have off days / nights! I just always tell myself that you're never going to be this small ever again, so I'm just enjoying the moments, especially the fact that you stil like to sleep in my arms - my favourite. Our bedtime routine hasn't changed and for the first 5-6 hours of the evening you sleep lovely in your crib, in your own room. We haven't dropped the "middle of the night" nursing session ... I actually enjoy this time the most - when the rest of the world is sleeping and its just me and you, bonding. You usually fall asleep in our bed after this nursing session and will stay there until you wake up in the morning (typically anywhere from 7:30am - 9:00am).
The Christmas season has thrown off our schedule a bit, so now that things aren't so hectic and go-go-go, I'm hoping to get you back on track. But boy, you definitely know how to catch up on your sleep!

Breastfeeding / Solids
Yes, we're still breastfeeding (woot, woot).
& a few days ago, you had some of this! It wasn't / hasn't been the most successful experiences, but hey it's a new one! I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time for you to be an eating monster machine. I've mixed the rice cereal with breastmilk to try to give some sort of familiar taste to it. We'll start with veggies and then fruits. Still trying to figure out the best way to prep all this for you, since I think I'd prefer to make it all fresh (which saves us money from getting the jarred stuff). We used to have a mini food professor like this one, but who knows what happened to it. Looks like I have to make it one of our next purchases.

We went to the doctor yesterday she was in awe with your "skill set": sitting up, crawling, "conversating". You got another immunization and to our surprise didn't even cry - not one little peep! Today, you're feeling a little feverish and cranky, just lots of cuddles from us. At 6 months, you're weighing 15 pounds, 2 ounces. Our next visit isn't until 9 months, but time is flying!

Can I say it? ... I think we've got out groove!
Next up, baby proofing our home & making sure A picks up all his little toys! When you're on a mission, there's no stopping you!

Me: Post-Partum
I finally weighed myself (pre-holiday feasting, mind you) & I was pleasently surprised! Now time to tone up and continue making healthier eating choices (most of the time). & maybe I'll add in a work-out or two, *cough,cough. Hitting the 6 month mark has also sprung a bit of anxiety with regards to my back to work situation. I'm still conjuring up some sort of plan where I don't have to go back, waaaahhh!


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