Sunday, April 26, 2009

the weekend thus far ...

Yesterday started out beautiful (weather wise). It was stunning, Ryan even considered calling in sick, but how obvious would that be? :) Ran a few errands with Chels & A. Tried to keep it to a minimum because by this time, it was hot fire outside. Bought flowers for Nanay's 80th (wonder what it feels like to be @ that milestone!). What seemed to be a mini tornado storm hit by the evening. Winds were gusting & a gross amount of litter was floating through the musky air. Famjammin' all night. The humidity made it so uncomfortable & time was passing so slowly. A was incredibly cute last night. He's such a big boy now, always wanting to be part of all the conversations :) But overall, good times spent with friends & fam, lots of laughter - I love laughing. After the night was over (when A signaled enough was enough) ... we headed home. I was so happy to be in my bed, so happy.

I'm letting A sleep in my arms. Spoiling him a bit because he was such a trooper last night. He's sleeping so peacefully! My back & my arms are feeling it though!! Ekk! I feel like cleaning!, then scrapping. I asked Ry for a date night, but I'm thinking I would be perfectly content with staying in & organizing A's small baby clothes & burning his photos onto backup cds. Is that whack? Hahaha,

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