Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm melting ...

I write this with A in my arms, moaning & diddle-daddling with his eyes closed. He's so tired, but just won't stay asleep.

My frustration levels have reached new highs. My patience is dwindling - I'm starting to think that I'm not cut out for this. I keep telling myself to play it cool, this is just a phase, & this too will pass - eventually. It just seems like later than sooner.
Naptimes never used to be a problem for A. I'll put him down for a nap (in my arms, of course), place him down on our bed when he's fallen asleep & 2 hours later, wakes a happy happy baby. Lately, everytime I leave the room, he wakes up crying, screaming ... I'm at my wits end. Naptimes are god send to me. It's when I complete my homework, wash dishes, tidy up, prepare snacks, complete online tasks, not to mention - revive myself of my sanity. Wishing I could somehow take a break for a moment, maybe for a few hours, or even for a day. But at the same time, I feel like I'm being a bad mama :(

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