Thursday, April 9, 2009

a better today,

Ryan had a dentist appointment this morning which means, I'm left with A from 9am to approximately 1030pm ... ekk. But to my surprise,
what started as a rough morning is turning into a better afternoon. A totally skipped his morning nap, most likely because it seems as if Ryan has forgotten how to change A's diaper properly - & by properly I mean - so that when A's napping, he pees in his diaper & not all over his sleeper. Aiden wakes up screaming, I pat his bottom to feel it soaking wet. I get up to change his diaper, anticipating a full one, but his diaper's dry & just his sleeper is wet. Fun. He never went back to sleep.
A spent most of the morning watching HSM3 & he actually ate his lunch today, yay :)
I'm sitting in our bed & A is asleep (in my arms again), but he's only woken up twice since 12:30pm :) Got 8 pages of my paper done, just need to finish up the 'directions for future learning' section & edit, edit, edit.

Here's to hoping the evening is swell!

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