Saturday, April 4, 2009

my biggest 'project' to date;

So I've been working quite diligently on A's First Year mini album. (Even though I have an 8 page paper on the effectiveness of alcoholism due next Saturday). I'm trying to make the concept / template of the album quite simple (mainly because I have to repeat the steps 12 times), but I'm finding that my brain is jumping the gun & wanting to do so much more with it. I'm going to compose a test template tonight to see just how visually aesthetic it is. The thing that I'm having the most difficulty with is the journaling. I tried, as best I could (being a first time mama usually means the preggo-brain carries on - for at least the first 3 months after delivery) to keep track of the events of A's days. What I should have did was writing along the way, as the months passed us by. But where was the time when I needed it?! ... learning to take care of a newborn, taking online classes for my degree & adjusting to being someone's wife ... LOL. So now I'm 'stuck' with the tedious task of reliving the moment & attempting to jot them down on paper (well, Microsoft Word). Don't get me wrong, the reliving is not the tedious part, but rather the fact that I want to write everything down - want everything to be perfect ... will I ever accept that perfection is next to impossible? I'm making progress though, hoping I'll have something to show for before A actually turns 1! (omg, he's 10 months tomorrow, where has the time gone?)

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