Tuesday, April 21, 2009

leaving my baby babes

So yesterday, Carissa & I ended up on an excursion with TomTom (the GPS system) to Buffalo to do a bit of shopping. Okay, a good bit of shopping. It was the first time ever that I left Aiden for an entire day ... oh the anxiety. It was Ryan's day off & we had scheduled a doctor's appointment regarding the baby eczema on his thighs and behind his knees (nothing big, just have to apply some tropical cream onto the problem areas). I had made breakfast & lunch for him the night before & Ryan was responsible for dinner. Sent a bunch of text messages back & forth, & despite being nervous for the day (both Ryan & I), everything seemed to be going smoothly. My little man is growing up!

The night ended with Steak Hoagies & Wings from Davids that I brought back from Buffalo and Ryan & I finally finished Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist (which reminds me, I want to download the soundtrack!) ... what a cute movie!!

On another note, saw this commerical last night too .. & instantly fell in love with everything in her closet, instantly.

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