Monday, April 27, 2009

to sunny skies & swinging swings

Today was lovely. It's Ryan's day off, so naturally we would be out before lunch, running errands, picking up necessities or heading out to a location of my choice. Today, I decided ... I didn't want to do anything, well ... I felt like I wanted to clean :) Of course, with A around, not much can get done (well, not as much as I would have liked). We did however got to organize our bookshelf before A's afternoon nap. Ry has taken over ... 4 blocks of cookbooks & he had the nerve to tell me to pack away my textbooks & store them into a box! Hahaha, I like seeing those books, it's like a sense of accomplishment.

The afternoon was super lazy. Ryan ended up taking a nap & to extend A's nap ... I ended up napping with him. Ry had plans to play basketball in the evening, so we took A to the park (for the 1st time!) late in the afternoon. He loves the swing :) It was so windy out that A's hair looked like a taupe! He's so cute. Wish we stayed for longer & got better shots, but the wind wasn't doing it for us. Plus, I'm not down with parks that have sand. Totally don't love the feeling of sand between my toes, well expect for when I'm maxing & relaxing on the beach :) Nevertheless, loved being active & outside. Here's to summer!

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