Friday, April 17, 2009

sleepless in mississauga

I can remember vividly, the first months of having A. Ryan & I felt so happy, (obviously because we had this joy in our lives) but more because we were blessed with a baby who slept. Oh Aiden, as a baby, you loved loved to sleep.

Now, almost hitting your 11 month mark - I'm wishing we were still blessed with those sleepful nights. Your sleeping patterns are all out of whack. Ryan & I can't remember the last time you slept through the night (ok, twice in a row, last month ... but that doesn't reallt count!). When Ryan called during dinner, he asked me to try to put A to sleep in his crib (he's been cosleeping with since, I'd say, January?). I don't know what convinced me, possessed me, to say yes. What a sad attempt tonight - I've been rocking the poor, overtired, big little guy for over an hour now. (Blogging as I hold him - multi-tasking, something great mamas master!) Hoping he has now surrendered! ... Let's try this again, off to he crib! Ekkkk!!!

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