Friday, May 3, 2013

Sadie hosts a playdate!

... well she didn't really host ... it was more like come on over, let's let our Mamas take 3887425 photos of us & meltdown when it's time for a nap (or time for Mamas to eat their lunches). Oy.

Say hello to our friend Everett (who's really Sadie future bf) ...


P5023393 P5023394

Discussing foreign affairs while waiting for Callia ...

P5023407 P5023410

 & finally, Everett and his ladies!

P5023421 P5023420
P5023431 P5023433

Sadie cracks me up in the photos of the three of them! She's 6 months older than Callia (her 2nd cousin) and 5 months older than Everett. You can tell she's not impressed with having to lay down on the ground for a photo shoot - definitely something she's not used to! Soon enough these babies will be running around chasing each other, can't wait for that! 

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