Friday, May 17, 2013

the day I opened my shop ...

Yesterday I posted this on my Instagram ...
there's something about seeing the ideas & plans you've fabricated in your mind come to life.
Tomorrow is launch day, I'm officially opening up shop!!

& it was followed by this post this am ...
& we're live! so so excited to take on this creative life. thank you friends for all the likes, comments & support. do more of what makes you happy! happy Friday! & happy shopping!

Then my friend Rachel noticed a typo in my welcome blurb ... by "take peek", I meant "TAKE A PEEK" #workingpastmidnightisnogood - and I thought ugh, I need to delete and re-post. But I decided to leave it as is. As much as it bothers me, there's a sense of authentication to it. This is the start of my new adventure. It's something that has been in the works in my mind for quite some time now but there's always been a reason, some sort of excuse as to why I wasn't able to just start. But I've taken the plunge - step one, check! I know the journey will be filled with excitement, anxiousness, fear, happiness - all sorts of emotions. & I'm looking forward to the crap load of things I will learn about myself, how I balance my home life with this new "small business", the customer service aspect & basic human interaction.
I am on a high & I am in my happy place.


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