Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Mantra, FP Moccs & PPH Print Shop Discount Code!

Nothing like starting the week with some positivity! & some sunshine, yay!
From time to time I browse around Pinterest for "words of wisdom" and I never fail to find something that speaks to me so fluently for my current situation - does this ever happen to you?

Big changes happening in the next little bit and I'm feeling all sorts of emotions. I'm not doubting that this the best decision for our family (especially for right now, while our babies are still babes) but it will definitely be an adjustment. I'm excited, nervous, anxious and scared - a whole whirlwind of emotions. But what an adventure it will be, bring it on! Time to let go & let God and simply trust the process.

Two other things:
1. I've been waiting for the Freshly Picked Moccasins sale since well, forever & the day has come! I finally snagged a pair of these 100% leather, handmade (by a Mama!) in the USA moccs in Platinum for Miss Sadie Quinn! How freaking adorable! I cannot wait to for them to come! If you want a pair for your little one as well, check Susan out on Instagram or Facebook for your 25% discount code until May 31!

2. & just because it's the last week of May, and almost summa summa time - I'm offerring 15% off all prints in my Etsy shop from now until the end of May! Woot! Use discount code: MAY15 when checking out. Enjoy lovely people :)
*Offer valid from now until May 31, 2013

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