Thursday, May 23, 2013

stop thinking & start doing!

we get into it because we have good taste ...
... well, obviously - hehe.

I came across this video maybe last year and related immensely. It's been a little while since my brother and I launched our "company" but we we've been taking the slow & steady route. We don't do much advertising or promoting our business mainly because we both still have "real" jobs (whatever that means). All our work thus far has been through referrals, which is actually a good thing! We love the creative aspect of what we do, but adding crazy pressures and deadlines to creative work sometimes makes it daunting and well, not fun. And it's supposed to be our fun "job" ... but, we can't stay in this bubble forever. It's time to take chances, take risks and start making work that were smitten about and proud of.

I've kept that screenshot of a conversation with my brother that I hold so close to my heart. It simply makes me smile. I do, have to remind myself that success does not happen overnight & not to get discouraged by this. Having the courage to finally step outside of my comfort zone & take the plunge to do something I love - that's half the battle right there.

If you're thinking of starting something and or changing something so that you're indulging yourself in your passion ... stop thinking & start doing. You'd be amazed with what you're capable of :)

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