Thursday, May 9, 2013

oh boy.



Late last week - a fall on the playground at school where you sliced on the front of your head needed a trip to the ER with Daddy to make sure you didn't need stitches. Three long hours later (where Daddy said you were more patient than he was ... lol), thank goodness it was nbd, nothing a little medical glue couldn't fix.

Then insert itchy puffy eyes on Sunday which reached its peak on Monday while at school. With the fear of possible pink eye,  Daddy picked you up and brought you to the walk-in clinic since our family doctor is on vacation. The Pharmacist attributed it to seasonal allergies & suggested taking some benadryl for some relief.

Back to school on Wednesday only to hear that your nose was bleeding for a good portion of the morning. Oy. But nose bleeds are common for you & you've actually gotten really good at controlling them & making them stop. But you're still such a small guy and sometimes, a little bit of blood can look like a whole lot of blood. We were up every few hours last night dealing with bleeds, oh boy. Kept you home today as well & they've stopped for now ... hopefully for good.

What a rough few days for our guy.
But your spirits are up & you're definitely your regular, silly, crazy self - which helps calm my worry for sure.

Get better soon, baby boy! xo.

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