Friday, May 31, 2013

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When you're not "working", Friday is really just another day. & for me, it's actually not as loved as well, Mondays. And this is for obvious reasons. Friday in the restaurant world is busy busy. So we don't get to see Ryan all to much until Sunday rolls around and by Monday we have him all to ourselves. Hence our bias favouritism to Monday. But that's okay, Aiden and I have dubbed Fridays as "movie night". We don't always watch a movie per se, but I make him nap after school (haha) so that he can stay up a little later and hang out with me, is that selfish? Nahhhh, he loves it! Especially since let's face it, Sadie has "taken up most of my time" for the past well, year (she's almost ONE, I'm in great denial & don't want to talk about it).

But before Sadie Bear turns the big o-n-e, Aiden turns five in five days! FIVE!! Besides his superhero birthday party, I'll be conjuring some pretty awesome things for him for his birthday next week. Our baby is five! So to start off my what I will now call my "high five for Friday" series ... I've round up five goodies that are on Aiden's birthday wish list (okay, maybe it's more of a gift guide for us, ha!). We try to keep it simple for birthdays & try to go overboard with gestures (because who doesn't like to feel special on their birthday?!) rather than presents. That's what grandparents are for right? & those crazies always spoil our babies.
Aiden's birthday wishlist

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Aiden's not a big video gamer, but my MIL bought him Lego Batman 2 for PS3 recently & it surprised us how fast he picked it up and he definitely enjoys playing the game. We obviously limit the time he plays but I do think that it teaches him patience (lots & lots of patience), some reading skills (we're working on sounding out letters to make words) & I love seeing his face when his reaches small victories. I loved to read when I was a kid & I remember my mom always getting us books as part of our gift. I'm so happy that Aiden loves to read to & can "get lost" in stories. His most recent "thing" is writing stories about dad & mom being super heros that save children - which all sounds pretty accurate, lol. How perfect are these Choose Your Own Adventure books?! I think they'll be a hit! Aiden is a big baseball fan. He loves to play with Daddy-o in the basement when the weather's crappy out & on the front yard when the sun is shinning. We haven't be able to find a league where he could join just yet, but he's itching to play. So naturally, we'll take him to his first Jay's game in the new few weeks! Woot! The new bike will come from Lolo (good ol' grandpa), the new bike always comes from Lolo. Lol. Board games are big in our family. Monopoly needs to be part of the collection!

IMG_8427 IMG_8428
Can't believe those photos were now five years ago! Let the birthday celebrations, yay for birthdays!

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Happy Friday! & Happy Shopping :)

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