Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Trying something new thing week & linking up with some lovely bloggers for "Five on Friday". I'm all for blogpost prompts - it helps with getting the ball rolling & helps with consistency. So I'm excited to play along! Plus, Five on Friday is easy peasy lemon squeezey! All you have to do is blog about five things! That I can do! Click on the button below for more details & link up! Here we go!

// one
Last Day of JK!
BAHA! You did it! Happy last day of JK, Aiden! Summer here we come!

// two
We're kicking off Summer vacation with a road trip! To Cape Cod we go! We leave on Sunday and we're gone for the week! Woot! First time road trippin' with two babies & I'm feeling blessed that my parents, brothers and sister are coming along too! Excited for the change of pace, change of scenery & seafood! Now, who wants to pack for me? .... anyone?

// three
Fish Tacos
Ryan is obviously the cook between the two of us, but because he works 5737543 hours a week, I do my fair share of cooking for our babies and I. Sometimes, I fail haha ... & sometimes ... fish tacos happen. YUM! Recipe to follow :)

// four
Sadie and I dropped Ryan off at work yesterday & we popped inside because I needed to pee. I haven't gotten the chance to explore the restaurant much yet (or enjoy a meal!), but I am in love with the space. How dreamy is the exterior? I'll need to take more photos next time around!  

// five
This girl turns ONE in four freaking days. O-M-G.

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