Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Loves of my Life

I take a crap load of photos. I guess being semi-addicted to Instagram (how awesome is the new video feature, ek! #ripvine), I always feel the need to point & shoot. I'm all for living in the moment, but I love documenting everyday life.

& though I have a bajillion photos, I'm trying to make a more conscious effort to get some family shots of the four of us. Slightly more challenging than your average selfie. But with the help of our mirror closet in our foyer & some behaved kiddies ... sometimes this happens ....

P6154258 P6154257

Ryan's such an instigator, hence Aiden's cray personality in all the shots. & Sadie's reaction to it all, I die. I love capturing semi-candid moments like these. Now to print & frame, since I've been slacking on the printing department. The downside to the digital world.

Apparently we're supposed to get a whole lot of sunshine today with temperatures feeling like 39, yikes! So thank goodness our plans are to hang indoors while I source some help (my sister and mama) to come over & be my assembly line for Sadie Q's first birthday invitations. I'm so so excited for them & can't wait to share! T-minus 10 days until our baby girl turns one! 

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