Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Mantra & First Giveaway Ever WINNERS!

We made it! It's the last week of school! Aiden is a JK graduate, only I don't know two decades or so left of schooling! :)
I'm an ambitious person & I've yet to determine whether or not it's a pro or con. I know my limits, for the most part - but I am constantly trying to push the envelope. Even when our babies go to bed every night, I have these glorious plans about how I will conquer the world - or at least clean the toilets - but time always gets the best of me. Time management is probably something that I struggle more with & doing things that I want to do (craft, design, scrap) versus the things I should do (laundry, dinner prep, clean our home). With Aiden being home with Sadie and I all summer long, I will definitely need to switch up my focus - two babies is a whole different ball game versus one. I'm out-numbered and I'm constantly being questioned, lol. So I will have to continue to challenge Aiden while school's out. Expose him to different things and continue to feed his sponge of a mind. He got his JR report card today and straight A's baby! (In JK land, "A" really means "almost always"). It's the highest rank you can get, so we'll take it! Aiden we are so so proud of your achievements thus far - woot!    

& of course, as promised ... 

Thank you so much for all those who played along & entered! & to the lucky winners, please email me ( with your print choice & I'll send it off your way! :) 

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