Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sadie Quinn Turns One!

& just like that, we have a one year old! (insert Mama sob here, wahhhh)

We celebrated our baby girl's first birthday over the weekend with family, friends & a whole lot of food! & of course, I had my DIY hat on for the big event. I'm a sucker for little details - though super hard to achieve with so many guests - but I love how it all turned out! We're so lucky to have family and friends who helped out & made this day a special one for our Sweet Sadie. Though she won't remember a single thing (especially how freaking adorable she looked!), the photos will help trigger the memories for us!

sq1 Sadie turns one-25
Sadie turns one-29 Sadie turns one-27
Sadie turns one-28 Sadie turns one-21
 Sadie turns one-11
Sadie turns one-10 Sadie turns one-9
Sadie turns one-7 Sadie turns one-13
Sadie turns one-23
Sadie turns one-32 Sadie turns one-34
Sadie turns one-41
Sadie turns one-38
Sadie turns one-49
Sadie turns one-47
Sadie turns one-54
Sadie turns one-77 Sadie turns one-76
Sadie turns one-6
Sadie turns one-66
Sadie turns one-74
Sadie turns one-62
Sadie turns one-81 Sadie turns one-82
Sadie turns one-80 Sadie turns one-79
Sadie turns one-83
Sadie turns one-88
Sadie turns one-89
Sadie turns one-90 sq1
Sadie turns one-91 Sadie turns one-92
Sadie turns one-86
Sadie turns one-93 Sadie turns one-75
Sadie turns one-72

& that's a wrap!
Happy first Sadie Bean! We love you too much! 

Photo credits: Ronaldo Tungol Photography
Baked goodies (smash cake, cake pops & mini cupcakes): Sweet Fix Bakery
Mama's DIYs - pinwheel backdrop, lace birthday crown, tissue paper tassel garlands, paperbag glitter clothespin loot bags, leather keychain favours: details & tutorials to follow!


  1. Beautiful Charisse! Sadie Q is a lucky girl to be part of your family and have you as her mama.

  2. SUCH a fab party for an adorable little thing!!! Love it!!