Thursday, June 27, 2013


My obsession with Instagram has yet to fade. As much as I'd like to use my "real" camera to capture these every day moments, my iPhone is usually always within arms reach ... and 98% of the time, it gets the job done. Ryan on the other hand, doesn't quite share the same deep rooted love I have for the app. He's totally missing out.

Tell me you're obsessed too.
& now with mini videos?! I die.

sneak peak to Sadie's first birthday invitations // Aiden with his game face on (before the game) 
melting in the feels like 40 weather // my people, xo
Monday morning shopping with Ethan // our #1 guy gets straight A's on his JK report card!
thank you for helping me get sharp for SK // hand delivering Sadie's invitations #craytalk

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