Wednesday, January 23, 2013

okay, it's official ...

I have fallen in love with Ikea's Expedit ... again.

When we were living with my parents while waiting for our lovely home to be built, we had a 5-cube Expedit in our basement room and LOVED it. It housed our books, some other random stuff and held up our tv - that Expedit was good to us. When we moved out, I can't remember if we took it with us or not, but my sister is now it's owner and I know it's being just as good to her.

In the front of our home now, we have a good sized room that we have dubbed as our "library" - mainly because we keep most of our books there (makes sense right?, lol). Our books are piled high on some Billy bookcases - and well, it does the job (not the best most awesomest job, but the job). The space used to be my "office" where I kept most of my crafty supplies and I loved it there because of the nice big bay windows that gave natural light. BUT ... it was far too messy to house all my stuff there and when we had company over or parties or whatever, it just seemed to be in the way. So we hauled all my stuff into my walk-in closet (LOL). More about that another time.

Ok, back to my new found obsession with the Expedit.
Basically, I stumbled upon this "I heart Expedit Unit" board on Pinterest & now I am hooked. I'm specifically in love with these ones:


*Kind of crappy that when I clicked on the photos, the links were all dead. I'd like to provide sources for these photos & give credit where credit's due ...

Seriously thinking of trashing the Billys (well, selling them on Kijii or something of that nature) and running over to Ikea to grab a beloved Expedit, possibly the 4x4 or maybe even the 5x5. Leaning towards photo #1 as a layout inspiration for the "library". But not sure how I feel about a desk in the middle of the room just yet & simply in love with the colour pallets of #2 and #4. Goodness, Expedit dreams are floating in my head :)

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