Sunday, January 6, 2013

one sick mama.

Last night, I spend most of what felt like the longest night ever, vomiting. Everything I ate during the day (and I must admit, I ate a lot - never eating like that again) simply found it's way up. And Sadie decided that she wasn't going to sleep last night, so Ryan trooped it out with her.

Ry's been off since New Years Day (yay), but today he worked. Of course, the one day he has to work, I fall ill and simply need some TLC. I called my Mama to come over to help with the kiddies, wouldn't have made it though the day without her help! Mama always comes to the rescue. I'm hoping that it's was just a bug that's now out of my system. Not enjoying feeling this way!

I'm resting up with bed while Ryan's still at work, eating some blueberry Activia which tastes beyond amazing and thinking I'll watch The Five Year Engagement before I fall asleep.

Oh, is that Miss Sadie Quinn I hear ... poor teething girl.
We haven't had a restful "full night's sleep" for some time now ...


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