Tuesday, December 18, 2012

high five to five

I blame the Christmas season for posting this so late - it's never my fault - there's always something / someone to blame! LOL. Here we go!

At five months ...
-You're still wearing size 2 swaddlers, but I have a feeling this will most likely be short lived.
-You're definitely favouring your a+a sleeping bag - comfy muslin.
-I love seeing your big belly in your onesies, hehe.
-Nighttime sleep is ... hit or miss. But we can never get upset at your sweet little face!
-Still exclusively breastfeeding! Thinking we'll start you on rice cereal right before the new year (close to your 6 month mark).
-You're still a Rolling Queen, very determined to get wherever you want to be.
-Because I'm writing this post so late, I can add this: you've officially started to "crawl", ahhhh!!
-Everything and anything that you get your hands on still goes straight into your mouth.
-You are a drooling machine (understatement).
-Daddy and Kuya A make you laugh the best.
-You adore exploring in your exesaucer, but when you've had enough - you have no problem letting us know!
-You're working on new ways to communicate other than crying, like when you want to be picked up your arms raise in the air and when you've had enough you murmur, "mmmmmm" - I'm convinced that you calling me by name :)
-You love kissy kissy noises & have even smooched Kuya A with an open mouth, bahaha.
-You hair is (slowly) growing!

Here's what else we've been up to:

Ok - remember when we had a baby girl who loved to sleep? In the early weeks, we even dubbed you our very own Sleeping Beauty. & though you're still holding up the beauty end of that name ... the sleeping part, is quickly diminishing! That's ok - we'll take what we can when we can. & we definitely let you lead and just make it work. After all, A slept in our bed right up until ... what seems like yesterday! Hahaha. We always enjoy the extra snuggles. But of course, it would be dandy if you'd fall back into your 4am wake up routine. A few nights this month, we even got a 6am wake up call - which was just splendid!
Napping is getting better for sure. Self-soothing in your crib for the first 1/2 of your nap and typically if I pick up and hold you, you'll sleep even longer. I don't mind (after all, you're already growing so fast!). Also, I've learnt that awesome naps during the day = awesome sleep at night.

We're still at it, and it's pretty wicked. It's simple, easy and it works for us. Up next, solids!

Our last visit to the doctor was mid-November when you were 20 weeks old. You were 13 pounds, 15 ounces! Growing steadily! Next visit will be at 6 months old.

I wouldn't trade where we are right now for anything. I am in awe watching both you and A interact and love being with you guys. Ryan still works a lot - typically 6 days a week. Five at Quatrefoil and Sundays at Spencer's ... it's nice to have the extra cash, but I know how much he misses "hanging out" with you both. Hence why we live for our Mondays - Ry's only day off. I try not to think about it, but in no time, we'll have to make the decision whether I'll be going back to work or not. Childcare is beyond nuts in terms of costs that I'll basically be going back to work in order to pay for someone else to care for my babes! & I love caring for you guys! ... we'll see.

Me: Post-Partum
Okay so Christmas is in less than a week, and let's face it - my wandering eyes like to feed my tummy - lol. So yes, I indulge a bit more during the holidays, why the heck not! My clothes are fitting, but I've got some serious toning to accomplish. but no rush. I do wonder when my hair with stop falling out in chunks ... oh luscious hair during pregnancy, where are you?

So excited for your first Christmas Sadie Bean!


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