Thursday, January 17, 2013

& so it begins ...

Steaming and pureeing like no body's business!

Solids for Miss Sadie-Q. Milestone after milestone - has anyone figured out a ways to slow down the newborn to infancy to toddler process? ... Geez.

Mama, what is this & do I have to eat it? ...

We started introducing solids slowly. We started off with rice cereal which I mixed with breast milk for a sense of familiarity. Originally, I was rather intrigued by the Baby Led Weaning Method ... but the conservative side of me brought out the purees. But as we're experiencing the whole process, I guess we'll do a little bit of both. Cause how adorable does she look knawing on her carrot!

Sadie tends to take the lead with nursing (on demand, well every 3 hours during the day), so I figure she can take the lead with solids too. We're starting with veggies first and so far we've tried: green peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. She doesn't eat much, two tablespoons max at each sitting. But each time is better than the last! Note to self: must get some silicone bibs, stat. We'll probably do a bit more veggies before we move onto fruits! Yum! & I'll definitely be trying to make everything myself ... because 1. it's super simple, 2. I love knowing what goes into what she eats, 3. It's budget friendly! Another adventure begins!

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