Friday, January 18, 2013

pick me up: kitchen edition

It's been a little while since I've splurge on something for myself & this is mainly because stuff for the babes are so much cuter, our fridge needs food & well, I've been on a "for the home" kick. This is the year I use our house as a pallet for my creative mind and make it our home. (Or else Ryan will ... well, let's just say I'll never hear the end of it). I am, however, trying to be smart with our funds. Since I'm on mat leave & the money tree in the backyard isn't growing. Must be time to water.
This is also the year that I organize our home and freakin' de-clutter. Gah.

So, in a recent trip to Crate and Barrel, I got these goodies:

1. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, I actually had this grill pan on my wishlist for our family Kris Kringle, but my uncle got me this one instead. So I went to C&B to exchange that bad boy for the one that I originally wanted only to find out that it was no longer available. Boo. I had high hopes for me cooking on this grill pan hahaha. But they did however recommend the cast iron one. We've used it three times now (to grill chicken thighs, to grill zucchini and eggplant and to grill some pork tenderloin and mushroom skewers) and each time the flavour and grill char was bang on. There's nothing like being able to grill when it's freezing out and snow on the ground!
2. Tortilla Press, Ryan picked this kitchen tool up. We haven't had the chance to use it just yet, but tortillas are a fam fav around here. I'm excited to try to make then ourselves
3. Molcajete, This one is Ryan's as well. He actually purchased the same one for the chefs / owners at the resto he's the sous for now and needed to have one of his own! He had it on his family Kris Kringle wishlist and was beyond thrilled to get it for Christmas. The Molcajete, a stone tool, which is basically a traditional version of a mortar pestle. He's still "prepping" it for use, so I'll tell ya how it is once we use it! Can't wait to make salsas and guac, yum!
4. Hertitage Hill, Glass Jars, I've wanted to replace the jars that sit in our kitchen counter top with flour and sugar for some time now, mainly because they were just too small. Ryan and I would have to restock the flour so often that it defeated the purpose of having the jar on the countertop for convenience. These jars are a perfect replacement! They're not only pretty, but functional too - love the wide opening, perfect for scooping out the contents with a measuring cup. Convenient.
5. Rings Cooler Glass, I was so happy to see this style of drinking glasses there. We bought a set from the Superstore when we first bought our home and love their simplicity. But over the years, we've broken one too many and had a couple left. I've been on the hunt for the same or a similar style everywhere, but never any luck. So when I saw these, I immediately bought a few to join the lonely ones at home!
6. Wire Baskets, I'm a sucker for baskets like these. & with the clutter (toys) in our home - masking it is a must! I opted not to get the linen liners, mainly because I'd rather be able to see what's in the basket, and it's more motivation to keep things neat and tidy. Must find new baskets like these, some many possibilities.

There's a ton of other stuff I'd like to get. But right now I'm trying to get inspired with plans / ideas for our main floor and living space. We're really wanting to rip out the carpet and installing hardwood (possibly even laminate?). It would be much easier with unlimited funds. Slowly but surely, we'll get there :)