Monday, April 2, 2012

A List of 12: Foods That I'm Craving!

Since this is the first of my "list series" ... I'll do a bit of an introduction. As mentioned before, I'm a sucker for things that will aid the blogging process. (But I must admit, I'm proud of my consistency thus far!) I've chosen to do "a list of 12" mainly because of the year that we're currently in, but also because it's truly a number that's so significant in my relationship with Ryan. We met on August 12. Our first date was on October 12. He asked me to be his girlfriend on January 12 (lol). and then 6 years later, we got married on January 12. Just a little "Ryan et Charisse" history for ya!

Okay, back to the purpose of my post ... and in not particular order ...

1. Chips & guac (homemade is the best!)
2. Panera's mac & cheese
3. Gas station slushies
4. Green mangos & shrimp paste
5. Skor bits on my ice cream
6. Root beer
7. Pumpkin seeds
8. Macaroons
9. Any & all seafood
10. French fries
11. These
12. Froyo

I have to say, in terms of cravings, this pregnancy is much more tame than my first one! Even Ryan agrees, minimum late night runs for him!

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