Saturday, April 28, 2012


Nothing like having zero plans for the weekend (just the way I like it! - esp. these days).

We took a quick trip to Michael's this morning since I'm starting to work on the details for the baby shower that my mom and cousin insist that I have. I didn't know if it was poor etiquette to have a baby shower for your second baby, but what the heck - our family is the best! I'm so glad that found chalkboard paint in a small size bottle since I've only seen it sold in large pails at Home Depot. So I start this ...

My goal is to use these mini chalkboards for the baby shower as labels for the food! Hoping the paint works and adheres to the wooden planks. Next coat in one hour.

I also picked up this lovely block letter. I have a tendency to look for "Ps" and turn them upside down to make lower case "ds". Need to start filling our home with our touches. It's been 2 years for goodnes sake!

Last night, Aiden and I were all gung-ho about making some chocolate chip banana bread. After I finished sifting the flour ... I went to the fridge to beat the eggs and I was short an egg. Grrr. It kinda felt like when you pour a bowl of cereal for yourself only to realize that you're out of milk - whomp.

So after our taco lunch (all home-made, we haven't bought a meal all week - small win!), I finished the baking and added skor bits to our muffins. Yum.

Perfect kind of Saturday for me.

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