Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Not So Good Day ...

One of the few things that saves my sanity during the work week is that I carpool with one of my best friends.

Tracy is awesome. I've known her for nearly 8 years now and well she's one of the few people in the world that I can take in high doses. She is caring, nurturing and thoughtful. She's a homebody at heart (just like me), disciplined and determined. I count myself blessed to have this friendship with her & count myself lucky to be part of her life.

Today was my day to drive.
Making fantastic timing along the 401, I suddenly felt weak, dizzy and well just faint.
"Tray, I think I'm going to pass out, maybe even throw up" ... I pull over on the shoulder.
Tray drives the rest of the way to the office (God bless her soul).
My mood swings up and down all day at work. I start to feel better, then I start to feel ... bleh. I just want to keep my eyes closed ... and well maybe lay down. I'm tired, weak.
What makes me nervous is that, our baby may be ready to come - but me, I'm well, I don't feel ready - yet.

Taking it slow tomorrow & working from home.

Ryan has the biggest heart. He has been ... the best husband. Accommodating, patient and kind. (& I'm sure I've tested his limits from time to time). Aiden is my heart. He's so caring when I'm not feeling up to par. "Mama, you feeling ok, Mama? Is baby ok?" (heart melts, instantly)

I'm going to keep a positive outlook. Positive vibes for the health of the baby.
Hoping these feelings pass, third trimester - here we go!

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