Monday, April 16, 2012

Mission Baby Crib - Fail ...

I've taken Mon-Wed off this week (mainly because I have days to take before May 1st, or they'll expire) but also for my sanity. 29 weeks and counting - I'm starting to feel more exhausted and my attention span / patience, well - it's pretty much little to none. Hence, the day off from work - lol.

We ventured off to Dear Born Baby, a baby specialized store in Thornhill to get our baby's crib - the crib that I must have. Only to be beyond disappointed to hear that it wasn't going to fit in our car ...
Oh & trust me, I got it from Ryan - he wasn't as mad (disappointment) in me that much because I'm with child (lol), but until normal circumstances - I would've been toast.

But as I mentioned, I have to have this crib. & it seems near impossible to find in the GTA. But I luckily in my google search for "Jenny Lind Toronto", I stumbled across a fellow Torontonian blogger Lindsay who spilled the link! Thank goodness! - & no shipping costs to incur - win! Yes, I paid for the crib anyway - since I knew, it would be (had to be) mine.
EDIT: my cousin who live 10 mins away from Dear Baby Born has graciously offered to pick our crib up!

I'm loving the simplicity of this crib & the fact that it didn't break the budget. Here's some photos of inspiration / the must-have crib in action:
1. Apartment Therapy
2. Hub Pages
3. Project Nursery
4. Design Pad
5. Lay Baby Lay
6. Aubrey & Lindsay

I feel in love with Lay Baby Lay's design a while before I was pregnant - didn't realize until now that it was the same crib! Loving all these inspirations - with 10 weeks to go, it's time to get cracking!

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