Thursday, December 3, 2009

december daily: day three

Took a shopping trip to Erin Mills yesterday with my boys & surprisingly, we were able to cross off 3 more names off our list. Marrying Ryan meant that I acquired 11 nieces and nephews!
Here's our 2009 Christmas list:
  • Ma, making memories tools
  • Dad
  • Wayne, magic mouse
  • William
  • Chelsea, tna sweater
  • Nanay, cashmere wrap sweater
  • Christen, gap kids striped henley, hannah montana books
  • Miguel, spiderman playdoh
  • Kianna, gap kids striped henley, hannah montana books
  • Nanay
  • Mom, kitchen aid mixer
  • Dad, swiss wallet
  • Miguel, h&m plaid button up
  • Christopher, magic kit, card kit
  • Annie, gap kids striped henley
  • Mat
  • Marie, umbra photo frames
  • Justin, the kingdom of fantasy, pokemon cards
  • Dylan, super mario & luigi toys & tobogan
  • Owen, tonka rumble cars, toy broom (LOL)
  • Kayla, ae cardigan
  • Syd, hollister wrap cardigan
  • Riley, pokemon cards
  • Hannah
  • Emma, dora moracas
And all the titas & titos will be getting chocolate chip banana bread :)
Looks like we're in pretty good shape!

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