Wednesday, December 16, 2009

december daily: day sixteen

Today started with a mini jam session with Ryan and Aiden. Aiden loves loves dancing along with our ipod blaring some of his fav tunes. He most loves the 'pa rum pum pum pum' part of Little Drummer Boy. Listening to classic tunes while A babes was in the womb totally shows in his personality!

Did a little Christmas shopping at Heartland today. Aiden felt the snow falling on his face & he giggled quite a bit. Post shopping, took Aiden to Chuck E Cheese. So much better when you go during a week day - more room, less kids & less of a headache. Aiden was in awe, as we thought he would be. Made a new friend, named Bob. Oh, & lollipops and pop rocks ... Aiden was spoiled, but what else is new?

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