Monday, December 7, 2009

december daily: day six

Definitely an uneventful that led to such an eventful evening!

All week, I've been contemplating whether or not Ryan and I would end up attending Aritzia's Holiday Bash. Normally, I would be all pumped to go, but it just so happened that my only exam of the semester happens to land on the day after the party ... at 8am. I also had a 10 page paper to finish for my Internship class (only semi-beneficial, definitely not worth the same price as a course like financial accounting). I knew that if I didn't end up going, I would be sad about it, so after my paper was finished & an attempt was done to study, we got all dolled up & partied, Aritzia style.

*Maro on Liberty Street, mini burgers, french fries & drinks, Your Boy Brian pumping good tunes - old school mixes, photos galore & the company of some beauties :)

for photos click here .

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