Saturday, December 5, 2009

december daily: day five

A bit on the busy end today.
Went through leaps and bounds in attempts to get this weekend off from work!
It was Aiden's second time attending Lola's work Christmas party for kids. This Christmas is definitely much different than last. Aiden's so full of curiousity and manages to get his hands on every thing. In fact, he's actually a big baby bully, attempting to steal all the animal balloons from all the kids while they were watching the puppet show! But how do you get mad at such a sweet baby boy face, hehehe.
Lunch was the usual, chicken fingers, pizza, french fries, juice & chocolate milk. Aiden had developed a huge fancy for french fries, ate nothing but them for lunch! & tons of sugar cookies for dessert.
Santa is definitely a huge challenge this year. He's super scared of being around him. I don't think that we'll even be able to get him to take a photo this year! Is Santa really that scary?
The evening was much more quiet. After Aiden went to bed, I spent most of my evening trying to finish a 10 page paper for my Internship class due Monday at midnight. I also have an 8am HR final on Monday morning and work right after. Truly contemplating whether I should even attend Aritzia's Holiday festivities this year ...

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